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clarification on component video repair

AV Cables


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Sep 17, 2010
Vijayangar, Bangalore

The topic in itself is not a big deal when one is discussing the latest and greatest in home theater gadgets...but i have a specific prb

I have a Wii which came with RCA AV cable. I managed to buy a Component cable from a third party vendor from Amazon.com for 4-5 dollars.

Today I noticed that the metal coating/cap on the Red video cable has come up exposing the plastic underneath it with the result that video is not getting transmitted.

Since this is a Wii specific component cable which I cannot pick off any electronic shop - I was wondering if I can get it repaired where one can cut off the Red connector and replace it with another red connector. is it possible and one in shops ..say in SP road in Bangalore?

Other reason is that cable is not legally sold in India since Wii itself is not sold in India. On Ebay.in it is available for 700 rupees...considering I paid 5 dollars for it..no mood to shell out three times that money in India....

thanks in advance for all your help!:clapping: