Complete Audio Visual System for my Home.


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Oct 7, 2008
Hi All,

Just shifted into a brand new house and was planning to set up the home theater for my place. Was just browsing through all the posts and found them to be useful but I thought that if I give my personalized requirement, I will get a specific answer. Hence kindly help me in buying the best product

The dimensions of my Living Room are as follows.
W - 10 ft
L - 16 ft
H - 9 ft.
(Would swivel the LCD 50 degrees to watch from the Dining area which is 90 degrees to the right)

My budget - 80K ?? 90K (would not want to stretch further)

My requirements (Details below)

2. Home Theater (AVR or HTiB)
3. DVD Player
4. Cables & Universal remote

I did some research of my own but since I am not technically conversant I require lots of help from you friends. Will give the details as per the topic below.


Went to a number of Shops including Sony Showroom in Vashi, Next(Vashi), Vijay Sales (Malad), Kohinoor (Vashi).

My main usage for TV would be watching movies - 85% (star movies + HBO etc and copied DVD's (.avi formats)), 10% for watching football & 5% for watching Discovery Channel

Since I have a viewing distance of around 14 ft I have shortlisted only 40" models

Shortlisted 5 models.
1. Sony KLV40S400A - Around 67500 in Kohinoor(was the cheapest in all the models)
2. Sony KLV40V400A - 72900
3. Samsung LA37A550P1 ?? 54000 (appreciated the attractive pricing at Kohinoor-Vashi)
4. Samsung LA40A550P1 - 60500
5. Samsung LA40A610 - 72000
5. LG 42LG60FR - 77000

Notes: Asking the Sony Showroom fellow, he said that there is only 1 difference between 40S & 40V (Digital Media Port) and the monetary difference of around 7500/- between them hence he suggested to go for the S Series.

So kindly suggest whether I can eliminate V Series completely

Among Samsung models, I was impressed with the 37" model because of the Price factor (can save almost 13000 if I compare with Sony S series). Also that the difference of the screen size between 37" and 40" of Samsung 5 series was not much for viewing from 14ft distance (may happen because there were more than 20 models on display) . I may be wrong here but I can save 6000 here which I can put to some other use (say a Universal remote etc.)
Also how much difference is the 6 series from the 5 series in terms of my requirement i.e watching movie, in terms of technology .

Also Samsung had USB connectivity, does that mean that if I have movies in my Pen drive, I can watch them directly from the USB drive?

Kindly suggest here whether I need to spend on the Samsung 6 series or the 5 series would suffice my requirement (mentioned above).

The reason for shortlisting LG Scarlet is that at 77000, I am getting a HDMI cable, 50 movies and a LG DVD Player (Offer was in Reliance Digital & Vijay Sales)

Kindly suggest me an LCD's out of the above options.

2. Home Theater

Did not do too much of research, since the number of Brands and their models were many, hence I got royally confused. But still I attempt to give my some of what I have researched.

As mentioned my requirement would be to primary watch movies, which necessarily may not be original DVDs?? but copied on DVD from Bit Torrent.
Listening to songs would only be restricted to say 15% of the time..............jagjit singh for Dad and some nice popular Hindi/English songs for heavy metal or hard rock........!

First I was confused whether I should go for a HTiB or the AVR and needless to say, I could not decide on this factor though I thought that a AVR would be better simply for the reason that with ONKYO HTS 3100 costing 19990/-, I was getting a DVD player from Philips 3986 free which costed around 3790/-

In the Sony Showroom, they did not have any AVR, but only the HTiB??s, starting from 15000 onwards.

The Models which I found were
1. Onkyo HTS 3100 ?? 19990 (Free Philips DVD Player)
2. Yamaha YHT 180 ?? 20000
3. Yamaha YHT 165 ?? 20990
4. Yamaha YHT 185 ?? 22000
5. Sony 15000 upwards

So if I go for the Yamaha ones I need to invest on a separate DVD Player (costing around 4000), maybe I can bargain a deal with a showroom.

Some Models also had HDMi Capability...........what difference does that that a compulsory requirement or if I do not have am i missing something.....??

Hence kindly suggest me from the models above, which one I should go for or some other models which you think fit my requirement. I am an avid movie watcher, but would not want to invest more than 20000 - 22000 in the Home Theater System. I may be restricting myself, but hopefully I may get some good models which this budget also. May even go for cheaper models if my requirements are fulfilled.

In addition to that if I need to buy a separate DVD player, kindly suggest a good player (say 2-3 options do good so that I may bargain the model with the complete package)

Also the guys at Reliance Digital were saying that no cables (Component or HDMI) come with the system, Hence I need to buy them separately. Kindly suggest the best & reasonably priced ones.

3. DVD Player
Which is the best model/brand? Some of the models like LG DV388 had HDMi and USB Connectivity and Sony 708 did not have USB connectivity........I repeat the same question from above that can I play the movies directly from my pen drives/external hard disks.....???

Which is the best....Philips....LG....Sony....and which model.....?

4. Others

Last thing is the universal remote, since I also have Tata Sky at my place, I will be having TV, DVD Player, Tata Sky, & Amplifier to control. So kindly suggest a good brand/model for my requirement.....or really do I need to go for one...???

Hope I have not bored you with my innumerable questions. Would really love to get answers/suggestions from the forums which adhere to my requirements and also does not stretch my budget..

I am looking to buy by the end of this month..........hoping that some good deals for Diwali might spring up.......Would really appreciate a suggestion on any other shops that I may need to go to get some more competitive prices, deals and also a chance of bargaining.......and also shops that I need to avoid.........I Stay in Kandivali (E) MUMBAI.......but would mind going to any place in Mumbai for a good bargain.......any contact numbers........would also help a lot

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Welcome to the forum buddy...!!!
Have a nice time at the forum !!!

And moreover, congrats for your new House...

So, a lot of brand specification, under some particular brands...LOL...

Okies now the things go as :

Why LCD, Why not a Plasma...???
Buddy, when you are considering screens of a size 40" +, and when you are looking the screen for HT purpose, then why are you not going in for a Plasma...
You can visit few of the below threads...

You will get some updates on that....

In Plasma you can prefer Panasonic...PV-80 or PV-8 @ around Rs.65K...

DVD Player

Now for DVD Player, as your budget is not too good, so you should either go in for Samsung or Philips, for around Rs.5K, and in case if you can stretch than look in for Pioneer-DV600 or DV610 @ around Rs.10K.

Home Theatre a budget of Rs.20K, its truely a wastage to invest on any kind of system. in terms, if you even want something, than probably go in for the Samsung or Sony setup for that price.
Though those will not be called as Home Theatres, but, yes, they will atleast be the Music system, for you for the period, you dont plan to go in for a nice HT Setup...
But, yes, in case you are truely interested in a HT, in near future, than, get the proper cabling done for the same...
So, that, on later stages, that will not trouble you...

Best of luck for your selection...

Shoot for any questions..
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