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Connecting mp3 player to headphone amp to stereo amp

Wharfedale EVO4.4
Dec 17, 2012
Vadodara, Baroda
1. I have a topping tp30 amplifier connected to Dayton b652 speakers. When I connect CD player to the amplifier the sound quality is amazing. However, when I connect mp3 player (Sansa clip zip) the sound quality is very poor and even if I turn on the full volume it does not as good as when when the amplifier is connected to CD player. I was thinking if the mp3 player - headphone amp - stereo amp - speakers arrangement could improve the sound quality.
Please suggest

2. One of my dayton speakers is making jarring sound. Initially the jarring sound was very less. But now it is on the higher side. Can you please let me know the probable reasons and the ways to fix.