Connecting PC to LCD TV


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Nov 13, 2008
I have quite a few movies on my laptop and external HD and was finding it a challenge to connect it to my LCD TV. I have currently connected it using a Bainbridge projector type connector using the monitor out. Is this the best option or there are other methods to do it?
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Sorry no dvi or hdmi port in the laptop so that wont do.

I connected my lenovo t61 to my plasma tv. It has a vga port, connected using the external monitor output. The video card is not all that good, so I am going to build an HTPC. Also there was no spdif output on my laptop.
Sorry no dvi or hdmi port in the laptop so that wont do.

Boss you need to use a simple vga cable thats it .Plug in the vga cable to the vga ports of your lcd and laptops and you are good to go. For audio use a headphone jack to RCA connector . Its available everywhere. I have played a lot of MKV files using the normal vga cable and the quality was really good.
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