Costco's ION TTUSB10 for $99 good?

Unless you're budget is strictly $100, I would rather go for the AT PL120 for a little above $200. This one has a good reputation as a starter TT and is a clone of the Technics SL. You can mod the unit further as funds allow in the future to improve it...
I saw costco selling this model. Is it good model?

How good the Audio quality will be?


At upto 400-500, you cannot ask for much in terms of sound quality.

Imagine this, for the 100 bucks Costco is offering a product that includes manufacturing, shipping, distribution, stocking, display and profit costs. So its anyones guess how much the TT took to build!
Marsillians is correct, until you buy a turntable desinged for sound quality, sound quality is pretty much irrelivant.

Around $400 you can start to look at entry level high-end turntables. Try this site Audio Advisor for a look at whats availabe for decent entry level turntables.

I don't know what the fascination is with this technics thing (personally its hard for me to call it a "turntable") but its certainly not based on sound quality.

To make a comparison, budweiser swill (personally its hard from me to call it "beer") in comparsion to real beers is probably the equivalent of the technics to good sound quality turntables. Yet millions buy budweiser. Go figure.
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