DAC Cables - How good are they?


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Aug 5, 2008

How good are DAC speaker cables available at Vector, Hyderabad? There are 2 varieties - DAC STK 14 Rs.76 Mtr / STK 16 Rs.46 Mtr.

I need to choose cables for my Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 speaker system in a 7.1 setup to pair with a Denon AVR 1909 receiver. I have already placed an order and hope to get them in a few days from now.

What guage do you recommend for the different speakers? Can I use 16 guage for all the speakers? or is it better to use 14 guage for the Tower speakers? DAC STK 14 seems to be a good choice if it works well. Vector sells Monster THX SP16 cable for abt Rs.125 per meter. Which is a better choice ? DAC STK 14 or Monster THX SP 16?

What Subwoofer cable do you recommend? Is it necessary to use a connector or is it better to directly connect the cable to the speaker and receiver? Pls recommend some connectors and their price.

Please advice on brands and prices. Also where I can buy them at Hyderabad. QED is too expensive for me. Monster too. Something around Rs.100 per meter, please.



DAC is a decent cable ! I've posted the complete details of this cable on another thread ! so please read that !!

DAC Cables

Its always better to go for thicker cables for the fronts ! as you mention the 14 for fronts and 16 rest is the ideal most !!

The DAC has some decent subwoofer cables ! please check it out !! they are very good as I've used them myself !

Hi eswar :

Have been using OCC cables and inter connects from DAC and have found it to be really excellent. Qualitywise am sure their OFCs' must also be equally good.
Hey SounsGreat, I was not aware of the manufacturing process of DAC cables. Makes me smile a bit more. Thanks Sreekanth.

Its on the First Floor of Lumbini Amrutha Chambers, Nagarjuna Circle, Rd. No.3, Banjara Hills. Meet Mr. Srinivas, Stores - in - charge. Very decent guy. The place is owned by Mr. Sesha Reddy.

Tel. No. 040-23350099

I have just purchased a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Tower speakers, 9 CM Center speaker, 2 pairs of 9 DFS Surround speakers and a PC 12+ Subwoofer from them.

I have just purchased a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Tower speakers, 9 CM Center speaker, 2 pairs of 9 DFS Surround speakers and a PC 12+ Subwoofer from them.


Denon, Wharfedale, and DAC cables? Sound Yummy!

Congratulations !!! Keep regaling us with what you hear and see and how you like the sound of movies and music.

Hi Venkat,

I am yet to receive the Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 Tower speakers and the Denon AVR 1909. Vector says the 9.6s are presently out of stock with their distributor. Maybe, in a few days' time. All the others have been delivered. Denon 1909 may take at least a week or more. Only then will DAC enter the picture.

Thanks anyway as my final choice has been made based on your opinion too.



How mudh did you pay for Denon AVR>
can you give contact details of the seller.

I myself have Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 towers and am satisfied with them. I think you can go for 9.5s if 9.6s are not available. I have not yet read reviews of 9.6 or 9.5 for that matter.


Denon AVR 1909 is expected to be available for abt 26 to 28k in the grey market. Will have to wait and see for the actual price.


The 9.6s were delivered to me a couple of days ago. I now have the complete 7.1 setup without a Receiver. Haha. I believe Denon AVR 1909 will take at least another 15 to 20 days to be available in the grey market. Till then, I have to be content with just looking at my speaker packages.

Dying to listen to them.

Still waiting on AVR kumar ? Congrats on your set up

Does any body know where you get good price for DAC cables in Bangalore.

Vector at bangalore is quoting 98+ 12.5 tax /meter.(16G)

Is the above price acceptable ?

But kumar says he got for 40/mt at vector hyd. ( While his 14G is 76/mt how is it ? i thought 16G is costlier)

Please some ideas.:cool:

Yes. I am still waiting for the Denon 1909. But I have 1707 as a standby arrangement. Sounds very good too. Thank you very much.

Reg the speaker cable, the bigger the number the thinner the guage. So, 14 guage is thicker and better than 16. Yes, I have actually purchased an additional 15 mts for a Zone 2 setup too. Price Rs.76 per mt. from Vector, Hyderabad.

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Hey Pradski,

DAC costs 46/m for 16G at vector, hyderabad here. Hope he was not talking some other new wire from DAC. Bangalore should not cost that much I think. Rs 98 is preposterous, right?

Even Monster 16G he was offering a month back for 115/m(Don't remember but more or less it)


you are right. In this forum only I could realize that I was taken for a ride.

Can you believe what was his price for 14G, it was 128 plus 12.5 tax.

And I called Hyderabad vector who is quoting just what kumar got.

and I sent my friend to that place. ( And you know he landed up in the godown of that company he promised to ship the cables to my place)

hope i get those.

thanks to you all.
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Nice Pradski but you should make him knows he is gaining nothing by charging more on cables. Anyways forget it.

Just asking, why ship from Hyderabad, Bangalore should have so many shops around. I forgot to mention that Profx here was quoting the Monster 16g for 80/m.

Anyways vector Systems, Hyderabad are doing so good, they give out really good rates. Infact, they told me we will give the best rate in hyderabad but sure I did not check this out.

Thanks anooj.

Basically i live in mysore. I had sent a friend to pro fx other day they had QED only which was 1200/mt i think. I wanted something less than 100/mt.

Since my friend and my old guru in audio is in hyd. I thought he could buy that and send it across.

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