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DAC fight -> Primare i22 vs. Auralic Mini

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New Member
Mar 31, 2016
Dear friends,

I have Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand loudspeakers and plan to purchase an amplifier Primare i22 and a streamer Auralic Mini.

Product Specification – AURALIC LIMITED

Beethoven Concert Grand
(SE model is the newer one. Mine is the previous model)

Following questions/ challenges arose on my way to achieving acoustic nirvana ;)

1. Auralic Mini has an integrated DAC. Primare i22 also has an option to purchase an integrated DAC.
Is the DAC of Auralic good enough for my system or should I spend additional money for Primare DAC (approx. EUR500)?
2. Is there any substantial difference in sound quality between an analog and USB connection, when wiring Auralic and Primare? The analog connection would be in case the Auralic DAC is used and USB connection would be relevant if Primare DAC is installed.
3. Is my logic correct, that by using the USB connection of Auralic Mini, the digital signal will bypass the DAC of Auralic and will go directly to Primare DAC?
4. Could you please provide me with some good links, which contain tests/ reviews on speakers wires? After internet research and several discussions with HiFi specialists and sellers, I came to the conclusion that a simple copper wire with 2,5mm2 for EUR3-5 per meter (3m length) would be fully enough for good quality and there is no reason to pay hundreds of Euros for prefabricated cables. I would follow similar logic in connecting Auralic to Primare. I would be highly interested in your opinion!

Thank you very much for your support!