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Jan 30, 2008
in my new apartment i am planning a dedicated power line for my audio system which shall originate from power main supply to the location,where the components including tube amp,cd player and my video components shall be located,for which i am buying recepctacle with holder and power enhancer from abroad but i am looking to buy eletric wire from locally can anybody sugest if any company in india is making electric wires spcially for audio usage if not than what is the best alternate option
I have used finolex three core 4mm square cable....current carrying capacity of this cable is enough to run two air conditioners!!!
Works well enough for me, no issues.

I have a pure power reference grade power conditioner and am using professional shielded power cables by MIT, virtual dynamics and harmonic technology. All of these being starting level professional cables, but they seem to work just fine for me .

Dedicated power line can work wonders in certain systems.. and if possible definitely worth investing in... does not cost much either, provided one has extra electric pipes within the walls already.

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I am buying Oyaide electric wires to be used from ACB to the Oyaide recepectacle and Acoustic revive pressure plate,now i would like to know how to arrange for earthing and cable lines from utility company,s meter from ground floor to my apartment on 6th floor

Use FRLS(Fire Retardant Low Smoke) PVC insulated copper wires from Ground Floor (decide the size as per load/phase). Run bare copper wire of 8 SWG from GF to MCB DB at your 6th Floor. From DB to Power point run bare copper 14SWG. For Audio power run 2x2.5 copper wire or 2x4 copper wires, from MCBs to Power point. Connect the Audio point as a seperate circuit from the MCB DB. Use wall sockets and plugs of same make to make achieve perfect contact between them, which otherwise can be source of noise. Use good quality MCBs like Hager or Legrand.


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