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Apr 10, 2008
Hi friends ,

Let's start new thread which can share info abt offers,discounts etc in any hifi product.
Today just visited Sumaria(kanjurmarg, Mumbai)sale,
Few offers are good-

1.Denon 1507 + Jamo102 HT spk pack = 40k
2.Pio516 avr + Onkyo HKT230 spk =40k
3.Sam 5 series 32B530 =40k
4.LG Jazz 32in = 36k+ HDMI cable free
5.Sony 40V +67000

many similar offer upto 29August 022-25799210
This months offer-

KEI has offered NORMUS- NTS 7500 for 15k(mrp19k) with 500GB HDD free,

It can upscale DtH signal to HD to(1080i) & many other features too.


NORMUS-High End Movie Cube-NTS7500, gifts in india at rediff shopping

Hi spirovious..I remember seeing the same Normus player being offered by Reliance digital for Rs.7500/- in Hyd dont know about the HDD becuz i was not intrested in same as its only 1080i & 1.1 HDMI (this was on last Monday)
and the prices on shopping sites like rediff/indiatimes etc sell these at MRP only but the actual operating price in market sometimes less than 50%
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will come as gift ! duty free .. enjoy .

for packages above a certain size, they check. books etc come through but something like this is unlikely. I'd ordered a APPJ (miniwatt) tube amp which came marked as gift but I still had to pay customs. Never face the issue with loads of other stuff I've ordered from overseas sellers (camera accesories, audio stuff but all packages lot smaller than tube amp). I think this one is larger in size than miniwatt so the probability of being checked is even higher.
Kohinoor Phataka offer-

Buy new Pany 32 in LCD(model not mentioned) for 25k(exchange) & get chance to win any one-Lumix camera or 50 dvds, watch(3k) or chance to act in Ranbirs mov(not interesred actually)
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ProFX Denon - Diwali offer

Offers at ProFX :
Rs 69,990/ for :
Denon 1610 AVR
+PolK Audio RM6750 5.1 speaker set
+ Panasonic 32inch LCD TV

Offer also for same bundle, but with ProFX 5.1 speaker set instead of Polk.

Tried to see if I could get this bundle but without a TV for less, but no luck.
I've been seeing eZone selling the Denon 1907 for the last 1 year at around the 25-26K price point. No other Denons. They must have some stock leftover.
Today no special offer,but do check prices at local shop to_One may get price lesser than Big shops.
eg.I asked abt Samy LCD price @Sumaria,Next & it was around 40k with exchange of OLD CRT.When just asked dealer close to my house,he said 38k with ex.Difference was 2k.
Similarly LG LH35 was for 32k with ex @ Big dealers & a shop suggested by forum member said last price as 32k without ex.Again 2k diff considering old TV value.

So consider Local dealor to for similar offer.
Republicday offer-

Philips HTiB HTS3011 for 6k (mrp9k)
Moserbaer 22ES62 LCD =10.5k(17k)
Dell inspiraion Mini10 for 19k

all offers from Vijaysales.
The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.