Denon 1910 and Wharfedale 9.6


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Jan 6, 2009
Hello Everyone,

It is now decision time. I auditioned a few speakers and AVR's and have now sort of boiled down to this setup. What are your inputs/thoughts on the same ?

AVR - Denon 1910


Fronts - wharfedale 9.6
Sub - 9CM
Rear - dimond DFS

Sub Wharfedale SW150( I think I will but this later. Would need to manage with the Bass 9.6 delivers)

The entire setup without the Sub is going to set me back by 1L.

The only other setup I liked were that of the Tannoys - Tannoy F4 custom.

Does anyone here in this forum have this setup. can you please share your exp. Do you think the 1910 would be able to drive the 9.6 optimally ?

I do not think I am going to upgrade in the near future and would need the best one in this budget !!

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Re: Denon 2310 and Wharfedale 9.6

Hello Everyone,

I am now considering the Denon 2310 as I might be able to import one from U.S...:)

would a Denon 2310 be able to drive the Wharfedale 9.6 with ease ?

Here are the specs:

Whafedale 9.6 is rated 40-200W at 6 Ohms impedance
Denon 2310 is rated 105 @ 8 ohms and 135 @ 6 Ohms.

I have heard people saying that the amplflier should preferabbly have a higher rating that the speaker itself.. is it true ?

I am planning to get myself the following setup..

Your thoughts on the same...

Amplifier - Denon 2310 (135 watts @ 6 ohms Per channel)
Fronts - Wharfedale 9.6 (40-200 Watts @ 6 ohms)
Center - DIAMOND 9.CM (30-150W @ 6 ohms)
Rear - DIAMOND 9.DFS (15-200W @ 6 ohms)

sub - Should I go for the SW150 or the SW250 ??

the usual supects for pairing are marantz/wharf due to their inherent sonic characters(marantz being on the brighter side/wharf bein laid back) and therefore gel well together.maybe with a denon/wharf combo ur setup may become too smooth/laid back.also,the general wisdom is that for pure 2ch,a decent integrated will always sound better for music.when gettin stuff frm the us dont forget the voltage issues as ul need a converter(110v-220v).the speaker package is a nice one,the sw150 should suffice(cheaper too!).ur source?i would go for a good integrated with the fronts,get an entry level avr/center/surrounds/sub in search on the forum,ul get tonnes of suggestions.YMMV!!enjoy,cheers
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2310 can drive them safely @ moderate/regular listening.
US model dont have 5.1/7.1 preouts though.