Denon avr 1708 + definitive tech procinema 1000


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Jul 30, 2008

Sorry I'm new on that.
I just bought the ampli DENON AVR 1708 and I'm just trying to put with it 2 speakers DEFINITIVE TECH PROCINEMA 1000.
I plugged the speakers in FRONT SPEAKERS "A" mode and plugged my ipod and everything went fine but after 1 hour I lost the "bass" of my speakers... dont ask me why...
I know the ampli is fine coz I used my headset on it. What should I do?
I think the speakers do work and that it's not possible to break speakers that good that easily? what do you think? Is is possible to link the DENON with only 2 speaker in Stereo mode??
Thanks a lot guys,

THe rap
Couple of questions.

(1) You say you have connected two speakers. Are these the Pro Monitors 1000? Do you have a sub - the Prosub 1000 also? Is this connected.

(2) What speaker settings have you done withing the Denon 1708?

(3) Do you have a DVD Player, and if so have you tried playing a music CD with good base through that and see what you get?

Dont get worried. We should be able to get your system back quickly if we go the right way and remove all the usual culprits.

Thanks for your help.
(1). Yes the 2 speakers I connected are the Pro Moniror 1000. Dont have a sub woofer.
(2). I tried them in FRONT A and now they are plugged in back speakers ZONE 2 (SURR BACK).
(3). Tried with an ipod.

The thing is that I had good base before and suddenly the base stopped working
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