Denon CD Players


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Dec 3, 2009
Qatar/ Bangalore
As a novice, I wish to through my first post to the dedicated audio enthusiasts in this forum. I live in Qatar (Middle East) where the reputed audio brands are difficult to purchase.
I am looking for a Decent cd player ( but not very expensive) and after reading through threads, I thought to purchase an entry level Marantz CDP. Unfortunately, I couldn' t find any distributor but the Denon distributor told me that he can ship the marantz from Duabi which may cost much higher than the actual price.
So I started eying on Denon and found one CD player/Changer DCM 500 which is said to be in an offer price of INR 15,000 approximately. The other choices are Yamaha CDP,s (2 or 3 I could see) those starts from around INR16,000/- to 25,000/-
My Amp:- Panasonic Digital Receiver XR-59.

Can anyone advice about the Denon DCM 500? I am little more conscious about the SQ. So I have to narrow between thease two brands.
Denon DCM 500:- 5 CD Changer, With Burr brown DAC and plays MP3, WMA discs too.
Yamaha CDC 697 and another one CDC 497, I think : Also have Burr Brown DAC, plays CD, MP3 and WMA. These ones have an advantage of USB port which the Denon lacks.
Please advise me which one would be better for music, especially for Indian music.

Seek your kind advise.


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