Denon - Horrible After Sales Service


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Dec 11, 2008
I have recently moved from Singapore and have been so far an ardent fan of Denon.
I own an Denon DVD player as well as Denon AVR 3805 AV receiver. For my other room i was planning to buy the Denon AVR 1908/1909 and had gone to the Atria mall in Mumbai (ProFX) and got the details.
I had also asked them that I already have Denon equipment and the sales people assured me though they will chage a different rate for Service, but would service my products as and when necessary.
But recently, I've had a little problem with the AVR 3805 and now the service staff by the name of Sandeep has just refused to sevice the receiver since I had bought it in Singapore....
This has really put me off DENON. I have now decided not to even buy the AVR 1909..
I am now looking for somebody who can repair my AVR 3805.:mad::mad:
This is really absurd
Why would they refuse paid service request - They normally refuse warranty claims on direct imports as a method of supporting the local market. Everyone is generally more than happy to support paid service!

I feel there must be a communication gap.
That's what is surprising.... Sandeep of PROFX made it very absouletely clear that they will not service the AVR 3805 since it was not purchased from them...That was their company policy.. Really no communication gap!

..while the sales people had earleir assured that all my previously purchased Denon product could be serviced. I have now decided not to buy DENON!!!:mad:
Would anybody suggest as to where I could get my Denon serviced in Mumbai since PROFX refuses to service..:confused:
Thats totally shocking! The person who thought that up has totally lost his marbles!

You have a lot of options outside.. One of our Mumbai member's will along presently with the details...

I look forward to hear from other member about some reputed service guys in Mumbai.
While going thru the troubleshooting threads, :eek:i found some other thread on the same problem with PROFX.
I wish we could take up with Denon directly.
I wish we could take up with Denon directly.


You will be wasting your time if you try to take it with Denon directly. Denon, Onkyo and a host of other companies have an international policy that the product will be serviced only in the country where it was purchased. I had a similar problem with a brand new Onkyo and finally had to lug it to Dubai for repair.

Many of us have faced similar problems. We all live with the hope that the unit does not fail, and if it does, there will be a third party service center who will come to our rescue.

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Similar experiences have been shared on the forum regarding Onkyo. Frankly i cant understand why a paid service is refused. In fact if i remember right Venkat had carried his amp all the way to dubai to get it fixed!!!!!!!!!

Anyway Lakozy at chowpatty, Mumbai will repair the AVR. Contact HAri/Manoj on 23697001/2.

Good Luck
Add Audio Vision, Mumbai to that list. I posted about sending a defective Rotel remote controller to them more than a month back. Despite the equipment having been bought from the previous Indian distributor (Supreme)they never bothered to respond and the jokers have still not said anything about it at all. Meanwhile, I bought a new remote directly from UK.
I will never do any business with Audio Vision in my life.
> murali
Which is why I say the local dealer distributors need an education in basic skills.

Here is a needy customer, coming to YOU - willing to pay - and not only do you turn down the only chance you have of winning him over - you also send him away pissed enough to ensure he never will patronise you! This entire thing is so myopic! I would have bent over backward to acquire a new customer - He already has the product , is familiar with the line .. just give the guy the whole treatment - and one could have ensured repeat business for ever - not to mention all the goodwill that word of mouth generates! The old-timers knew how to turn people down - so that they still went back feeling happy !

The best part is the treatment is not too different if you have to try the warranty route either! These people clearly poop on their own doorstep!! :mad:

While I have had the fortune of meeting some very nice and helpful official dealers as well - they are clearly a 'soon-to-be-extinct' breed!

I would rather deal with a reliable grey dealer, than an obnoxious official one!! I attach a lot more importance to the 'experience' than I do to 'warranty'!
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I would rather deal with a reliable grey dealer, than an obnoxious official one!! I attach a lot more importance to the 'experience' than I do to 'warranty'!

While I do understand and share your concerns, I sincerely hope that they are not you brave last words since warranty saves you many times in electronics than most other businesses and good experience does not necessarily fix broken things at all times!

Remember everyone is here to get the max value - the dealer to get the most Rs. and you to get the most quality.
Who says so??? You should first realise that a sizeable portion of the Indian distributors of audio equipment belongs to 'exporters category' in the sense that their main business is export of textiles, coir products etc by which they accumulate duty credits which they accumulate and manipulate in the import of audio equipment as a side business. Really speaking, by duty exemptions as well as savings in freight costs (as they can engage cheap shipping agencies), they can actually sell equipment at more competitive rates than US prices. But unfortunately, their mark-up is so high that we as consumers don't get any advantages. Do you know how many of them stock things? When an Audio Vision tells me that they don't even stock spare remotes and can get them only in future bulk consignments, can you not realise how you are taken for a ride?
My policy has always been to buy either direct from abroad (if you buy good things, they seldom fail) or buy from Indian manufacturers, not importers. That way, you ultimately tend to gain and teach these guys a lesson.

> murali
Hi all,

I had the similar experience with Denon dealer ProFx Bangalore. They dont even care to talk!. I wanted to service my Denon deck and I was ready to pay the service charge. The proFx bangalore person told me that they WILL NOT service OUTSIDE PURCHASE. It is their policy. This is ridiculous!!!. We need the brand dealers in India to support the brands and the customers.

Same experience with Onkyo to repair a DVD player which I've bought from US.

While I do understand and share your concerns, I sincerely hope that they are not you brave last words since warranty saves you many times in electronics than most other businesses and good experience does not necessarily fix broken things at all times!

Remember everyone is here to get the max value - the dealer to get the most Rs. and you to get the most quality.

I think Murali has largely answered my question...

I come from the Insurance background (not any more). It was my job to assess 'risks' and 'value' (embedded and otherwise!). If you buy your goods from a 'reputed' store abroad or a 'reputed' grey dealer' here - or for that matter from the official dealer -- in all these cases you get the same 1st quality product (sometimes the pieces shipped to the US tends to me made-other-than-China;)) . Now the only differentiator is the so called warranty - not to mention the buying experience itself. Considering we all take necessary precautions with power supply etc, the chances of something failing is uniform. The failure rate of the product - that is the 'risk'. Let me take the example of the hot selling Onkyo 606. This is in the region of $360 in the US - which translates to 18k INR. Now this is being sold in in India - with B&W for some 39.56k!!! (that's the quote I got here) :eek: . THAT definitely is NOT 'Value'! If you are willing to consider that your piece may be the one amongst the 1% or less of the pieces that'd fail (..that too in the very first year!), are you willing to pay double for protection? You are better of buying international insurance from the country you bought it in. It costs in the region of 50-100$ for a 5 year protection plan! (may be the full replacement clause may cost some more!) . In this case you might as well pick up TWO Onkyo 606s from abroad - and build redundancy ! (But what if both fail....?? )

We are a part of a Global economy now. If we ever want to be competitive, we need to take away the barriers that prevent us from competing at the same level - largest of which is price. ITs not like the past where very few amongst us travelled abroad, and the rest of us had absolutely no means of contact/information. Now a lot of us travel, and e-commerce has really erased borders! I am willing to pay a small margin over the international price - but if the gap is unreasonably wide - I'd rather source the product directly .. and take my chances!

To conclude - I have a bit of a 'cut-the-nose-to-spite-the-face' attitude when it comes to a few things. As a customer I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from a place that does not treat me as a customer should be treated - regardless of how badly I want it! I go to great lengths to ensure every customer I interact with goes away happy, regardless of whether a transaction took place or not. This, over my career spanning the last 19 years, has built up a tremendous foundation of trust and goodwill - that I could go back to them with ANYTHING, and most of them would buy it blindly! I treasure and guard that jealously! :)

(While on the subject .. so many of us talk of 'risks' and 'warranty' associated with these material possessions ... May I ask how many of us have Life Insurance - and in what quantum? What is it going to 'warranty/guarantee'? In India more than 95% of the time the car has more insurance that the person driving it!)
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I purchased an Denon iPod Dock for my Denon Receiver on eBay from an authorized dealer, and when I received the part, the iPod would not dock properly due to a missing tab on the docking station. With the purchase was warranty info, including Denon's service center number. I called them an spoke to a service agent, who I won't mention by name, and after a run-around, he provided me with an RMA #, and told me to email him with that #, the serial # and the part #, and include a copy of the original invoice. I sent him the email. 5 times. Never heard from Denon again. I contacted my seller, and he was gracious enough to replace the item. IMO, Denon service is terrible, and it WILL affect my future sound system purchases.
I spoke to Chandra Sekhar from Profx Hyderabad, he was open to servicing products not bought from him. Maybe if you can talk to him and figure out how to get your unit to Hyderabad (PM me if you want his number). In fact, he re-soldiered my RCA cable that had a loose connection (bought in Germany) for free. Of course, it helped that I bought a Chord Crimson cable from him. He also agreed to have my loose connection on my Denon headphone fixed that I had bought at Landmark.
This is mostly the reason why I didnt go the denon onkyo route when I was looking for avr's and found the Jamo avr 693. Served me quite well. Now upgraded to azur 840a from cambridge and their service center in CR park is quite helpful from what I've heard.
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