DH Labs USB A-B Cables


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Jul 31, 2011
Hey folks,

I have been contemplating a USB A-B cable upgrade for a while now. This cable goes between my MAC and DAC. While the current one I use, which was bought from SoundFoundations few years ago, as part of one of their sales on this forum, works fine and sounds decent, but I have seen improvements come through with another cable that I bought from AliExpress. It is a Nordost clone with independent isolated strands. I bought it on a whim and that cable has surprised me pleasantly. It does bring in so much more detail and emphasis into the music when compared directly with the other cable that I have.

Just to see how much further can these improvements go, I have been researching on other cables which stay within the $200 mark for a 1-1.5m length. As part of this research, DH Labs' Silver Sonic USB cable and Mirage USB cable have come out as worth contenders. When I get a better USB cable, I can safely use the Nordost replica in my secondary setup.

In case anyone has previously used or is currently using the DH Labs USB cables, please do share your impressions. Would you suggest me to go ahead with this option or should I look at any other worth contenders within the budget specified? I am inclined towards the Mirage more than the SilverLine. Thanks.


PS: I am not debating whether USB cables make a difference or not, bits are bits, blah blah... so those discussions can be discounted.
Just to clarify, the existing usb cable that I got from SoundFoundations was not their off the shelf offering but perhaps a cable that they had made for testing/personal use and later sold off on the forum. It is robustly constructed with good quality gold plated connectors.