Did my Pioneer VSX 524k die?


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Jan 17, 2012
Using Pioneer 524k with Fs52 towers, 2 yamaha centre + surround satellites and wharfedale d10 subwoofer.

Almost a month ago, the bass from woofer suddenly became too much in the same setting I was using from last 6months. I reduced the gain on the sub as well as on AVR.

Last week, When I powered on, there was an instant loud thud (pop up) sound and after that till today,
  • I feel the bass has become boomy like a ported sub. There was no more the 'thump', only boomm boomm
  • Sometimes, I observe that the towers sounding low at the same volume level at which I used to listen previously.
I was confused and thought if my subwoofer has developed issue. But as I was not sure, I did a factory reset on the AVR this morning. Then run the room correction again and had set the subwoofer level -9db on AVR (-7 previously) 80 crossover, 2 O'clock on Sub and crossover around 110-120(previously 150 full - followed advice on REL website as I am using line in - not LFE)

It was running ok. I was kind of Ok with the sound too and listen to music in the whole afternoon. BUT, then, it made a sharp sound(similar to pink sound) in every 2 seconds gap while the music was still playing. I got scared and turned off the whole system. The sound seemed to be coming from the towers. I have not switched on since then as I am clueless what to do.

I don't have most possibly any repair shop here (at Bhubaneswar, Odisha). Can anyone suggest what should I do next without throwing out the AVR?

I feel there are some members here from Bhubaneswar. Please do let me know if any repair shop available here.

Thank you
You need to confirm where the sound is coming from. Is it just from the Sub or from all speakers. If its just the sub, then your sub woofer amplifier is on its way out. If its all speakers, then your amplifier is on its way out.

The usual method of connecting sub woofer is to use the LFE output from the AV Receiver or Amplifier and feed that into the LFE rca input on the sub woofer. If your receiver/amplifier does not have a LFE output, you use the high level or speaker level inputs.

Is any of this equipment still under warranty? If Yes, you have nothing to worry about. Just contact the dealer and ask them to sort it out.
I too own a Pioneer VSX 524, which has given me more headaches than one can imagine. Have replaced the pcb twice and transformer once. But never has mine made something like what you have described op.

My suggestion would be to remove all speaker connections, try with just the fronts alone and then with the sub and check whether this is happening.

Also check your wires just to be sure. As far as repairing goes, the 524 is 7 years old and out of production for a very long time. If your avr requires spare changes it will take a long time even with authorized service centers. My pcb went last September and I had to wait for 8 months because spares from the US were delayed due to covid.
The subwoofer thump issue seems normal as I have connected it with my new marantz amp, and it still outputs the thump when powering on in a day for the first time. The sharp sound never have occurred for the second time and I am still unclear about its origin. Avr is running smoothly still without any problem.
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