DIY isolation base


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Sep 26, 2016
I am planning to make a DIY version of Nagra's VFS platform.

Machining the aluminium plates should be easy (my brother runs a CNC workshop) but I have no idea about the anti-vibration gels being used.

Has anybody dabbled in anti-vibration silicones or gels or built their own isolation platforms? Would love some tips.
Thank you. I will.

In the meanwhile. While researching a turntable (Technics). Think I found what I am looking for.

I found a company in Japan (Taica) that makes something called alpha-gel used in the footers of the high-end Technics tables.

Here's an awesome video of an 18m egg drop on alpha gel and the egg doesn't crack:

Will be interested to follow your build, and how it works out.


A couple of other options to try for DIY, based on:

1. Gryphon audio (

Each shelf is a triple, constrained layer damped sandwich consisting of a top plate of Kerrock® and a bottom layer of compressed high-density MDF, joined by a thin, non-resonant layer of sticky, black, highly viscous bitumen for optimal resonance control and mechanical damping. Kerrock® is a non-porous, homogeneous material, composed of one-third acrylic resin (also known as polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA), and two-thirds natural minerals.

The sandwich construction dissipates vibration by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it into low-grade frictional heat effectively and harmlessly. Because of its high molecular density, the Bitumen layer has energy-absorbing properties roughly equivalent to adding an MDF layer of three times its thickness. The differences in thickness and resonant characteristics of the three layers ensure audibly superior damping of vibration.

"Kerrock" seems something similar to Korian

2. Symposium Acoustics platforms.

Got the following from the Audio Asylum forum.

It's pretty much given on the Symposium web page. I used a modified version. Basically, I got 2 pieces of 3/4 inch MDF cut to size, ordered 3/4" closed cell polyethylene foam ( look under closed cell foams, I think it's about $10 for a large size roll). Cut the foam to size using the MDF boards as a guide. You will also need to get 2 sheets of aluminum ( depending upon how much you want to spend (Symposium uses a 0.125 inch top layer and a 0.05 inch bottom layer. I used two layers of 0.063 thickness as this was cheaper). The aluminum sheets will also be the same size as the MDF boards. Glue the aluminum to the MDF using a contact adhesive. Place some heavy weights on the assembly as the glue dries. The closed cell foam can be attached to the bottom of the MDF using 3M adhesive (I think this is safe for foam... I also got this at The assembly will be: (1) aluminum top layer, (2) first MDF board, (3) closed cell foam, (4) second MDF board, (5) bottom aluminum layer. Total cost for a 17"x15" platform is about $20 (depending upon how much you want to splurge on the aluminum). I made 4 platforms (including a 19"x17" to hold my turntable) for a little over $80. You can paint the edges of the MDF using semi-gloss black paint and it'd look really cool.
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