DIY Monster speaker

Reminds me of the custom built speakers that my uncle had in the mid 80's. Each speaker had 2 15" woofers, one installed vertical and one in a slope (sort of bose like, think of upfiring atmos speakers. ) On the slanting surface, along with the 15" woofer there were at least 8 mid range drivers and tweeters. Terrible design. Bass was good though. A Teac stereo amp was driving them. The stereo amp was quite nice though.

Not saying that they were comparable to the above, but just brought back memories.
Looks beefy. But it's very difficult to design it to get good sound since so many drivers are likely to cancel the effect of each other. Better use three to five pro drivers like Beyma and horn loaded compression drivers for HF. I am sure you will get better sound effect.
aren't arrays like these designed to emulate a larger driver but with the speed of smaller driver and higher spl..
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