DIY Speaker Box Building FAQ - Tutorial

Anil kumar

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Nov 3, 2006
Hi DIY enthus, check out this excellent link for everything you need to know to make your own speakers, home theater system, crossovers,wiring etc....

DIY Audio Speaker Box Building FAQ - Tutorial

Things to know before you start.

What supplies are needed?

Why use MDF?

How do you determine the size of the box?

How do you screw together the box?

Why is bracing necessary?

How do you brace the box?

What are battans?

How do you seal the box?

Why do you want to flush mount the drivers?

Driver spacing?

Should you stuff the box with polyfill?

What are toe spikes for?
Hi Anil,

Very good that you have posted such a thread !! indeed Michael lalena's site is very informative !! I remember my good old days when I just started the DIY stuff and the site was just up online !! Used to spend countless hours going through the site.

All Wanna be DIYers can use this as their starting point !! highly recommended.

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