DIY Website And Ebay Sellers

Nice DIY hardware like gold plated RCAs, binding posts etc. Speaker hardware - T-nuts, threaded inserts, grill push-fit thingy etc.

Nice stepped attenuator. Good if it was locally available.
DACT Type 21 Stepped Attenuator Potentiometer 100K 2A3 - eBay (item 120474000457 end time Jan-24-10 10:06:39 PST)

Then there are modable, Tripath amps - search for
"Lepai" on ebay. There may be better ones, but this is
great VFM.

Another useful one - 4 channel, multi-mode (toggle, latch, momentry) RF relay -
4CH 4 CH RF mode Wireless Remote Control new metal case - eBay (item 350260776719 end time Jan-01-10 21:11:03 PST)

Green lasers (great for star-watch nights) - dealextreme has them, but a friend had issues with lost orders.

The cheap scope kit from Jyetech - low b/w, but has some uses.
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Anyone selling basic active crossovers/low pass filters on the web ? I want a simple crossover to filter out a 50Hz 24dB slope signal into my sub with high level I/O
Thanks Sachi..I had checked them out, but they do not have a crossover with a 24dB slope at the speaker level. i am looking at something very simple.

If i had a pre out, then this would have been a great option
I have bought both th XM 1 and XM 24 active crossovers from Marchand( as well as assorted other gear-amps and power supplies) in the past. Phil Marchand is a good guy do business with.
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