Do not Buy!

I do not know how this gizmo works. Sounds like mumbo jumbo.:D

But anything which can alter or reduce RFI/EMI or any other kind of radiation/interference can have a significant effect on the sound on a perfectly setup/highly resolving hi fidelity system. People using such systems will usually have cables costing much more than this gizmo. ;)
it is the same principle on which they sell cables that cost tens of thousands of dollars. No, I am not getting into the cables debate here, but I know that there's no way a cable can make tens of thousands of dollars worth of difference, and it is the power of suggestion that makes people think they're hearing 'dramatically' better sound with their 10,000 dollar cables. That power of suggestion appears to have been exploited by hi fi snake oil vendors of every form and shade. This one really takes the cake though.
It works even better if you draw each edge in green marker pen.

So do your cables --- but you must apply the line in the direction that the signal runs.

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