Do you hear what I hear (bit perfect files sounding different)?


Oct 25, 2020
Tamil Nadu
I was recommend this audio player from a company called junilabs in another audio forum.

There are extravagant claims, but atleast in my system it has worked wonderfully.

The music player is quite good. The output is MME by default, I recommend changing to wasapi for usb audio class DACs.

What gets me more interested with the junilabs player is not the player itself, but rather the file optimizer that comes with the player. It is another executable in the same folder. The process is you drag and drop a music file, press optimize it'll take two minutes (and advisable to not do any background tasks during this time) and after that the save command will export a new file that is bit identical copy of the original, yet sounds better (to me and a few others who have tried it atleast). You can also do multiple rounds of optimization before saving (I do 3-5x for my music on my machine). Since you would have both the unoptimized and optimized files you could easily a/b between the two and compare when playing on the junilabs player. You can use this new file with any music player that copies to RAM directly (like playpcmwin) and plays to enjoy the benefits, as long as you don't move or edit the file (moving between different local drives, making a copy and editing would likely nullify the optimization).

Playback system is surface book 2016 256gb SSD with gt940m feeding a few usb dacs.

Note: I have checked the files, they are bit identical, yet sound different (imo better) when played through the junilabs player and xxhighend (or any memory based player). It doesn't seem to be doing any defragmentation either and I'm anyway using SSD. The tool does copy the music to RAM and back but my attempts to simulate that with RAMDisk didn't give me anywhere near as good results as the tool. I'm curious to what makes it work, but it does work well in my system.
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