does dvdp matters ?


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Jan 29, 2008

I have a Pioneer DVD player DV 366 which was brought around 5 years ago.

Does the dvd player have a control over the audio, because the movies which i play appear to me washed out as far as the audio part is concerned. If I increase the volume for detailing, the sound appears to be boomy (noise I believe), if i decrease the vol. I miss out the effects. Let me add that it is comparatively much better if I play audio cd's or mp3's, in fact no issues.

Are there any players which enhance the sound. I use Denon 1604 for amplification and have tower speakers of P & J make ( a subsidary of Jamo speakers).


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A couple of points:

(1) If the DVDP is playing the music in an acceptable manner, it should play all discs well, even movies.

(2) The quality of sound is largely dependent on the DAC used. If you are connecting the DVDP to the Denon through just digital cables, then the DVDP has very little control on the decoding and amplification. For all practical purposes, it is just a transport.

(3) I suspect when you are playing music, you are using the Denon in the Stereo or pure direct mode. The sound will be better, and this is a function of the receiver alone.

(4) Boominess is not noise but a effect produced by reflecting sound and the lack of capacity of the speakers to be tight and resonance free.

(5) Boominess has more to do with the speakers and their placement and has very little to do with the DVDP. Play around with the speaker placement. Move a speakers a bit more from the wall. If they are too close to side walls, move them more to the centre of the room. There are a number of threads including which discuss this in detail.

(6) Also check the quality of ICs used. I have generally found low quality ICs distort sound before they reach the amplification stage.

(7) Pioneer DVDPs are dependable, and I would guess they would the last to be suspected. I have used the Pioneer 220 (though much more modern than your 366) with equipment costing around 20 lakhs, and they have never disappointed.

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