Dolby digital vs Dolby Atmos receiver


Aug 15, 2020
Hi All,
I have onkyo ht340 which is 10 years old receiver and it works well. I have taga 503 and bic pl200 subwoofer attached to it and giving good sound. Enjoying the movies through airtel xtreme with 5.1 separation.

my question is do i need to upgrade to dolby atmos receiver (ex: denon 1600 or 2600) ?
Does it makes real difference in movies and music ?
Are we getting dolby atmos sound in airtel xtreme ? Or only through blueray
As of now, latest release bluray discs and to an (compressed) extent - Netflix are the 2 sources of Atmos content. Unless you have a good amount of spare budget, it may not be worth upgrading now.
Yes It makes difference if you like surround effects / and if you like sounds coming in speakers from different angles.
Atmos is next level of Surround effects from 5.1 or 7.1 setup. But Unfortunately there are not much atmos content available in OTT platforms.

If you have budget , yes you can upgrade to Atmos Setup. You may look at Denon 3600 or above which has 9.2 channel output.
Thanks for the reply. But if my main source is airtel xtreme box then will it makes difference?
If your receiver is working fine continue with it.

Dolby Atmos setup consists of 5.1 + 2 or 4 ceiling speakers or upfiring speakers making it 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 i.e you need a 7.1 or a 9.1 channel receiver at minimum. So you need to invest in speakers as well.

Content source is UltraHD blu rays and Netflix(compressed)
Thanks for the reply. But if my main source is airtel xtreme box then will it makes difference?
If your Airtel xtreme box have netflix, you have chances of viewing Dolby Atmos content. Not sure your airtel xtreme box supports Dolby atmos.
Even if you have netflix + dolby atmos support only few movies / Series available with Dolby atmos in netflix currently.

You may wait for sometime until we get real dolby atmos contents && get better latest AVR later.
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