Don't buy anything in Audio without "Return" policy - Begin a movement in India

Here is the elephant in the room. We Indians have a tendency to normalize everything . This is not about labeling dealers, they are from same gene/social pool as consumers. We as a society always try to avoid confrontation and don't even stand up for what we think is right, as that is our natural response to things. We start looking for economic or other material justifications or reasons to defend or justify even ethical or moral degradation and are perfectly OK with it. Best part we are argumentative to a fault and will argue over everything for we have a bias for talk over action. JMTs on who we are as a collective identity :)
Please don't kill me...for saying this loud

Let's start @ home

all classifieds on HFV can be returned in a week with 5% restocking fee & 2 way shipping.. "when bought at asking price"

I am crazy.. 🤪
No you are not…..
I would prefer we start with brand new equipment and when returned sell them as open boxed or unboxed equipment at a commensurate price.

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