DTS Demo Disc

it seems chennai and bangalore are the places to be for all the HT fanatics:yahoo:

i should shift soon.:eek:hyeah:
Ram thanks a ton. I will bring my laptop and make a copy at your place or any other convenient place.But when a copy is made does it still retain the DTS soundtrack, I was told to do that DVD should be burned not written ?
Home is fine, I live in velachery. Have PMed my address to you. I would suggest, if you have NERO we can burn the disk for you.

a whole lot of demos are available for download with DTS audios in the following sites........u can download them(these are not BluRay Rips....but they are BluRay Copies....... it would be in .mt2s format and you can play it through WD's HD media player.)

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All the collection's are awesome.....

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