DVD Player with CD ripper


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Jun 10, 2009
Hi All,

Thks to the members of this forum, I got my AVR and speakers.
I am planning to upgrade my existing DVD player ... I have a Sony DVD player, I want to use it for Audio going fwd and use the new DVD player for movies..

a little background, Onkyo SR606 is the receiver and Warfdale diamond 9.6 is my speakers.

The features I am looking for is
HDMI connectivity,
Must read most formats available in the market and CD's, DVD's burnt out of PCs
USB playback
I would be nice if I could record from tracks from the CD directly to a pen drive or IPod.
Decent durability (at least 4 to 5 years)
Descent cost of maintenance (spares service etc)
Budget <5k.

The brands I am leaning towards are pioneer and Phillips.

Awaiting your feedback.

Anthony Harry
Pioneer DV-610AV-S (silver) or K (black) should be a good choice.
They are available for about 6K to 6.5K in grey market.
BTW it also plays SACD and DVD-A.

Good Luck!
What is the differance between the DV-410 and DV-420.

You have hit the nail on the head, DV-420 can rip a CD to MP3, while DV-410 cannot. DV-420 has only co-axial digital out whereas 410 has both co-axial and optical digital out.

These I feel are the main differences.
WHAT HI-FI has a bad review for DV-410, if the DV-420 is similar to 410 should i be worried?

Also please point out what the DVD-A and SCAD formats are.

Thank you
thanks prakash, i got the directions from your earlier post of mirsilal's, i called the guy up and he said he has the silver one at Rs 6200.

i will be picking it up today, any idea if the black version is readly avaliable?
i have read the trail of ealier post on 610 and how it cant play movies out of an USB, my question is does it not play specfic formats from usb or any movie format for USB.

Pioneer has come up with the new model 420, would you know if it has the same limitations?

DVD-A and SACD - where can i get these CD's or download them.

Thanks again for your help Prakash.

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