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Apr 16, 2009
I am interested in buying a DVD recorder for myself. I have checked Sony's website but no DVD recorder is listed there. Which brands are the best and where can I buy one? Please suggest. Also a rough idea of prices would also be helpful. Thanks!
In India you get foll. DVD Recorders
Onida, Philips, LG and maybe sansui...
Onida model have some issues...

Now stock is too limited and all these modfels are 3 year old design and devoid of latest features especially HDMI

LG & Philips are around 8-10 K

Now the catch

Only in reliance retail I saw philps DVD recorder with hard disk ----- HDD was 160 GB and DVD recorder had HDMI with 1080 i ( not 1080 P ) out!!!

Around 14-16 K

Try contacting both the manufacturers....

thats 28k..........and bloody expensive. Wait for the popcorn hour......will be available in India for 20k. A person in mumbai is taking the distribution.

PS: I dunno why the margins are so high here.:mad:

You maybe talking about TVix 6500A. I am talking about Personal Video Recorder (PVR) model. I think it costs around 14K.

Not many will take Popcorn hour @ that price, if they know about WD TV.
Thanks everyone for taking out time and replying to my queries. I will check out Reliance Retail and see whats what.

Reju - Thanks for the link.
I am interested in buying a DVD Recorder, It is available only from Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh in Delhi. I am confused should I buy DVD- R with or without hard disk, which is better of two Sony or Panasonic. There is about 10K difference in DVDR with hard disk or without.

Please suggest.

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