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dynaudio excite 12 what amp/dac?

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Jun 22, 2013
hey folks,

i am planing on buying a system that consist a pair of bookshelf with sub, a stereo amplifier (pre out is a must) and a dac as my main source will be my computer. my total budget is around 3k/3.5k in US dollars. right! saying so, let me tell you my location first. i live in Bangladesh. and here, there isn't much option available when buying high end audio components. we have like 4 to 5 stores with very limited brands and varieties! luckily i was able to audition the dynaudio excite 12 in a store. it was hooked to a tube amp and sounded really good. while researching on the internet i was more leaning towards paradigm studio 20 v.5. but for that i have to place an order and they'll get it for me only if i buy it. sad part is i wont be able to audition it! so safe bet is to stick to the dyn's. other brands available are wharfedale diomond 10.1, monitor audio bx2, elac and well, all dyn models surprisingly.

now i know the character of the dyn stand mounter is on the warm silky side so matching it with a bright sounding amplifier might be the right choice. please correct me if i'm wrong. initially my intention was to buy marantz pm8004 and audiolab m dac or musical fidelity m1 dac. but after reading few reviews i found out marantz has a very safe sonic characteristic. and i am not too sure how it will sound with dynaudio excite 12.

so there are few things i am currently wondering:

1. should i get a power amp and hook it with a preamp with built in dac
2. should i get an integrated amp and add a dac
3. budget is a big factor! is 3.5k(US dollars) enough for the whole system? should i get a dac later?
4. any word on the peachtree nova 125?

please advice:

1. which amp will be more suited with the excite 12
2. which dac should i get

music preference:

electronic, psy trance, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, jazz, blues and acoustic performances.

i really appreciate all your help and advice. cheers.


Sep 25, 2010
New Delhi India
Hi Rajan

I have a pair of Dynaudio Excite 16 and paired with a friend's Luxman A550 II they sounded superb. With my own Cambridge Audio A840A they are not that great, to be honest.

I was in Dhaka over the weekend, and if I had seen your email earlier Would have taken details of the Dynaudio store (if it is in Dhaka) to listen to the other models in their lineup.

Best of Luck
Viraj Singh

P.S. - I have a vintage Maratz circa 1987 and I think I should try out the Dyns with it to see how it sounds. If I get around to doing that will let you know how it sounds. Cheers