Hi Sid
I did make some purchases but also involved a local S'pore Audiophile friend contact to check things out - just to be doubly sure! Otherwise the experience was genuine & clean.

I have been following this site quite some time but never ventured into buying anything as Am always vary of the outcome !! Thanks for the feedback,now perhaps I can try and get some stuff !!

Hi, Since i am currently in Singapore, i have made few purchases through Echoloft "Individual' sellers and the experience have been genuine and good. There are lots of second hand dealers who also post on the buy/sell forum in Echoloft - i am not sure about the experience with them.

There have been few complaints from fellow members in the past that some of their purchase experience from dealers were not very good. (again only few compared to the adverts posted in that forum - enourmous !)

This is a place just to advertise buy and sell. You do not even need to be registered. If you like something, just call the seller, finalise a deal totally away from the forum. Good luck.

One look at this site and you feel half the population of Singapore are audiophiles with incurable "upgraditis " ! Seriously look at the number of items on sale here.

I am sure some of them are genuine but sometimes I feel this is a dumping ground. Be careful when you buy from resellers.
Esteemed members - have any of you purchased anything from
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If so how was your experience

Sidvee, this is fine if you are dealing face 2 face. but for international shipments you need to be careful...products may not be Exactly the same.

The 2nd hand dealers are ok folks.. Try these
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