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Elac Debut 2.0B6.2 paired with Denon AVR X550BT


New Member
Nov 29, 2018
We hear you. It is complicated to setup a nice HT, not to mention the cost, wiring, space, tuning, etc.
FYI, I don't have a full HT at home. I gave up long ago and got a soundbar for movies. For quickies, I just turn on the soundbar.
It does dialog pretty well; I really need it as actors in shows/movies mumble a lot these days (or I'm going deaf).
It also does a decent job of rumble and fireworks for many movies.

My kick is from music; good old 2 channel stuff. That's where my investment really is.
A integrated amp (used as pre), monoblocks for power amp and stand mount speakers.
Sources are:
- Laptop+DAC (though DAC is currently busted)
- Laptop/Smartphone stream to Chromecast Audio
- Smartphone/IPAD for online streaming to Chromecast Audio

My TV has optical digital out and analog line out.
So digital goes to soundbar. Analog goes to stereo preamp.
BTW, when I turn on the big boys for movies, it is room filling (12 x 12 open living room)
So I'm happy, my family members are too.

You can live with your current setup and add to it organically over time.
Take it slow, specially if you have to make funds available to execute (don't rush into a mistake).
In the meanwhile, connect with local members and check out their setups.
You will get a better idea of where you are heading (or where you should be heading).

Absolutely. I completely take your feedback. Thank you very much Mr Raghu and Mash. It was wonderful to know you guys and indeed you guys saved me from running into making mistakes. With the current set up I am quite happy and may be will just add some basic Surrounds under 10k in the next couple of months when I have some money and run it as a 4.1.
I will get in touch with you both again later next year when I plan in for a full fledged set up by adding a centre.
Thank you again. You guys are awesome.
All I wish I could have got in touch with you before buying the AVR and Elac’s. Maybe I would have got something better than I have already (Which I am happy with after adding a Sub).



Active Member
Sep 7, 2018
@Prodigy sir I would recommend you to go for the same brand . When you upgrading it to a a 5.1 buy elac's b5.0 or b5.2 depending upon you budget. But it's a very good stereo as you chose earlier. It's from a very well praised person called Andrew Jones . Ppl love his taste in audio . But while buying an centre Channel speaker I would suggest you to go with b6.2center.