Energy saving budget amp.


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Jan 18, 2009
Hi everyone...
This is my first post on hifivision. I am a novice in hifi field. Hope you guys can help me.
I am planning to go for a budget stereo setup as a staring and I have already auditioned
Cambridge Audio 540Av2 with Mordaunt short 902i
and I liked it very much.
But the only problem with that is the CA amp as per the site it takes up almost 515watts of electricity which is too high according to me[if not please correct me as I am planning to use the same setup for TV viewing and movies also]..Following are the questions I have
  1. Is there any standby feature in any of the budget integrated Amps which saves power?
  2. Is there any other similar priced amp which consumes less power for the same performance.
  3. Will I get almost same performance if I buy CA340ASE [which consumes 300watts power only] with MS902i.
  4. How about the power consumption of Marantz amps compared to CA? Also if anybody can share the prices of Marantz budget amps it will be really helpful?
Thanks in Advance
those specs of 515w would normally mean at peak usage. if im not mistaken during lower volume passages it wouldnt consumer as much power. also when it is on standby mode amp consumption is around 20w or so
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