Expensive HDMI cables make no difference and here's why

Yes , Going with very expensive cable does not make much difference in PQ. But they lost longer and they don't hurt the hdmi ports even when used roughly.
I also consider going with reasonable priced HDMI cable (but we need to make sure it's upto standard ) . Most of the time it works fine.
One shuld get the cheapest HDMI cable but frm a reputed brand.
I once got a 15feet hdmi frm a wholesaler,some unbranded cable,it pixelated badly...
The difference between various cables appears only for longer runs and higher resolution.

For usual 2m cable makes no difference
Sharp eyes - I missed that reference in the first read!
Usually, most of these extreme articles are funded by some company trying to push their own products. Very few of these articles are independent and objective. That is why I take all these with a large pinch of salt.
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