Experience at Lyrita's Audio Delhi......kinda small review


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Aug 25, 2009
Hi All,

Though I could have used my same thread for this Audition visit, but believe me the experience I had with Lyrita's was worth starting a new thread, I still apologize if mods think this should have been merged with my original topic. But any one who has been to Lyrita's would agree with me on what I have to say in the following post

The visit this week I made was at "Lyrita Audio"............ little that I expected this meet for me would turn out to be one of THE most informative as well as humble experience one can have in to the world of ever enticing Audio Enthusiastics.

This experience I am narrating is more so based not only upon the level of knowledge that was shared but also how wonderfully Mr Viren and if I am not wrong kamal or Seghal was the other parson's name hosted our visit. The time and effort they shared with me is beyond comparison. Absolute opposite to the experience that made me start my THIS thread initially.

I had no idea basically that Lyrita Audio sells their own proprietary speaker, amp setup. The one we listened were their new entry in to the world of Audio Music called "Lyrita's Amity". Before putting the setup in to action they gave us a concise explanation of their main objective to be able to create a setup that is absolutely neutral and reproduces the notes exactly the way they were recorded.

Lyrita Amity speakers were specifically designed to work with tube amps and this was the first time I was actually listening or infact seeing a tube amp. After a small explanation of the equipment we took the center seats and they started playing the the track of their choice. I could easily feel or rather sense what Viren ment when he said "produce music exactly the way its been recorded". Every note was crystal clear and pure, they played couple of their own choice of track, but the real excitement came when one of MY music choice was played (this actually was a problem as they had nothing that was even remotely close to the kind of music I listen) any way coming to the track of my choice, which was "Back to Life" from Pink Floyd........ the moment it started believe me when I say shivers went down my spine and could feel my standing hair, the separation of instruments these speakers were producing was phenomenal. I could easily feel the placement of instruments between the two speakers. The vocals were the clearest ever I have heard in any audition I have done. Closing my eyes I could visualize the series of equipment playing right there in front of me, very satisfying and amazing experience.

Next I requested something to be played from our good old bollywood and we played "Aye Ajanabi" from Dil Se. This again brought the experience to a whole new level, I couldn't believe I was hearing atleast 3,4 instruments/notes or whatever you can say...... extra which were never produced in any other setup I have heard this song on...... Evey string, every drum, was spot clear.......Magic.....Pure Magic!!! hats of to the DIY work. One can spend hours and hours listing to the music coming from this set up and still urge for more.

Now coming to the drawbacks and the ever inevitable comparison :) which I feel could hamper my listening.

1.... I am no audiophile neither an expert on any A/V intricacies so don't quote me on this. For what I was able to infer from the entire listening experience......was that the speakers/amp setup is a Heaven...Pure Bliss on an unplugged kind of music, it lacked a bit of Heaviness (not exactly bass but heaviness) and pitch, which plays a pivot role in heavy metal kind of music, so I'd say I was not "that" satisfied with the Rock reproduction part, Which is where Warfadale excelled. Warfadale were able to reproduce the electronic sound splendidly, much to my satisfaction as I personally am in to....... I'd say moderately heavy rock music (Much like Def leppard, Aerosmith, GnR, Bon Jovi....etc and per todays standards Linkin Park). On the other hand as I said, I don't think any speaker/amp combination can even remotely come close to Amity when coupled with more unplugged kind of music for example.....Indian Classical, Ghazals and most of the Indian/western soft numbers. I am not sure how the Amity would sound with Metallica or U2 or ACDC or LedZep. (I am definitely going to re audition this combi with my kinda of music)

2..... The tube amp though the heart of the entire setup but still is very manual, no remote not even a basic one..........and does not host any equalization feature......I understand the objective is to produce the music in an as exact manner as it was recorded, but personally I feel it should have atleast the basic bass and treble control to change the output a bit to suit your own preference.(Just my own opinion) Other thing is as the amp is all manual it cannot be incorporated in any automation, it cannot even take multiple audio sources. The original source........... that is the CD player, if that somehow can incorporate multiple sources, you have it else its just one CD and no remote you have with yourself. This (the second drawback) might not seem to be a big deal considering the fact that the setup produces impeccable music but I though to bring this point as a one extra negative.

Anyway after the complete listening experience we sat for another hour discussing the general A/V scenario in Delhi, I discussed my experience with other dealers, plus Viren/kamal or Seghal (sorry for the name confusion) also shared their experience about what they thinks music is...... plus also enlightened me with acoustics and sound treatment stuff.
Let me confess by the way, I was mesmerized by their gentleness and down to earth, genuine attitude. They level of intricate knowledge, in what pure music is and how it should be conceived changed my entire notion of how to perceive it. How to actually feel it and drive your senses out of it. Very unique approach.
They only difference was the taste that unfortunately (or in all probability) was completely different from theirs, and that could be the reason the speakers were also designed per their listening senses.(again just my personal opinion)

Anyhow, Overall the entire experience we had their was something I would really cherish and I look forward to my next visit with my kind of music.

Finally a big thanks to Viran and co. for entertaining us and bringing me even more close to the world of "real" music that is one common thing which binds us all together in this A/V world.

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See! Sammy everythime a new entraint comes into HFV and starts listing brand names, I pitch in and ask them to listen to my setup first which is not only value for money but also MUSIC!:yahoo:

Amp: Lyrita SET 2A3
Speakers: Vintage B&W DM4
Source: LG DVD + Beresford DAC
Cables: Lyrita's I.C & cables
hi sammy,

i think the amp you heard was customised to viren's preferences regarding input source. i have the same amp with three input sources which i use for turntable, cd and tv. he customises his amps to suit your requests. some people have no other input for a cleaner signal cos they do away with one pot.

i can relate to what you were feeling as you heard the set up. i've had it for a while now and still enjoy it every single time i switch it on :)


edit: i have the harmony one's not the amitys.
See! Sammy everythime a new entraint comes into HFV and starts listing brand names, I pitch in and ask them to listen to my setup first which is not only value for money but also MUSIC!:yahoo:
Amp: Lyrita SET 2A3
Speakers: Vintage B&W DM4
Source: LG DVD + Beresford DAC
Cables: Lyrita's I.C & cables

I am trying hard to dig out time to visit you, but these holidays have been toooooo busy. But I WILL visit you to hear your equipment for sure.
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