Finalizing Samsung 37B530


Jun 26, 2009
After researching for months, i've found that ideal size for me would be 37" inches. 40/42" is just big enough for my room & my viewing distance (about 8-9ft) and in same way i don't want to go for 32" as it is a one (&long) time purchase and i don't want to repent later buying a small size.

Also couldn't go for plasma as i will be connecting it sometimes as my pc monitor so Full HD is a must.

As the options available for 37" are only Samsung B530, Sony S400 (BE2 & old model) & LG LH50 (didn't liked the pq & also this model isn't available at 37").
What do you think about the same and what are the other options available for me, if any?

Thanks in advance
well no point in going for a last years sony S400A,which has a inferior image processing compared to the newer Bxxx from samsung,only the S550A is worth its has BE3 which has slightly lesser input lag and a AMVA panel,available in grey market only upon order.
so yes u can go with the samsung 37B530.
is there any chance that Samsung 37B650 would be released here in India?

well 37inch segment has a realy low demand hence i don't think samsung is going to launch it any time soon,even sony hasn't launched the S550 yet .they have also cancelled plans to launch the KDL-37V5500 in other parts of asia.
i have not yet bargained on the price for the same, but it is available for around 49-50k without free dvd player & without bargain
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