Fire stick or mi box 4k for better sound from AVR


May 14, 2020
Hello Everyone,

In the AVR sound output and quality is way better in Multi Ch Stereo mode than the DD, is this normal? also I need to pump up the volume to way upto 80 in DD to have some decent sound effects, whereas in Multi Ch stereo I get good sound effects in 60 itself.

if I get a firestick and connect to the AVR directly, will it give better sound quality? If I want to play downloaded 4k movies, what is the best way to get good sound? Because now when I connect the pendrive to TV and directly play, the 4k picture quality is good, but the sound is very average.

However if I play songs via USB in 320 kbps, the sound quality is too good and very crisp and the bass is also tight. I would say I can feel the real quality of my setup only when I listen to music directly via USB.

Please advice would a fire stick solve this problem? how does Mi Box 4k perform in this area if I also plan to play 4k movies via Pen Drive?

My speakers are Taga Harmony 606 SE, Sub is Taga 90 TSW , AVR is Denon 550BT

Thanks in advance
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