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First Home Theatre- Music + Movies

Castle Knight 2 Speakers


New Member
Oct 14, 2010
Hi all,
i am a new member in the community and needed some input with respect to building a home theatre system.

my room size would be approximately 25X40 is a drawing cum living. my LCD-42"is wall mounted and is in the drawing area.

i was earlier wanting to buy Bose home theatre system but couple of ppl advised me otherwise. they said its not a full range system (didnt understand much here).

however as of now have zeroed in on following options:
1) Denon AVR-2310 costing me about 63k
2) Jamo S606 HCS3 costing approx 60k.

needed suggestion for the following queries:
a)whether this is the best combination for the price range i am looking for (90k- 1.20 lac)
b) Can this set up be used for listening to music as well as watching movies.
c) Is the price being quoted above right or there are discounts available on this. i live in bangalore.
d) Have also heard that demo models sold in the shop are better picks as they come cheaper and also have been tested.
e) In case there is some other option, request you to suggest.

thanks :)


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2008
While this is a large room, I think the Jamo's will be an underperformer. At this budget, you can probably spend lower on the avr and go for a 1910 or 11 and use the budget for better speakers. If you have a 75-80k budget you might get a few more options for a 5.1. Even better choices if you decide to invest in primarily a 3.1 for now and then add surrounds.

if you have 50k to 70k for speakers look at qacoustics, wharfedales. For you sub/sat systems may not be enough and you would possibly need floorstanders.
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