First time HT - setup with Yamaha 485 AVR


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi Folks!

Need some advice here

So, I want to basically try out the AVR setup with quality speakers, and see how much difference it makes.

I am getting a good deal on the Yamaha 485 AVR, and I am thinking this could be my chance to try and build a small setup.I am thinking it's best to start with a 2.0 system to being with ( from reading other such threads )

I have a room size of 12x14 feet and I am currently using a Bose Soundbar 700 with the bass module. I have high valuted cieling and entire room and decor are white theme based. I want to see what the AVR setup sounds like, and see if I would like to build that up and get rid of the Bose/Soundbar.

My preference would be a good looking system for sure, I cannot have anything too big and ugly looking in my living/tv-room. Speakers in White finish or something that goes with white walls ( and decor) would work best for me and I am open to used/open-box speakers. For budget, I have not thought much about it, but I think around 30k or so should be good enough for a 2.0 setup? ( excluding the AVR )

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Some things to consider, the center channel should be timbre matched to left & right, ideally the same series.

I would advise to get Q Acoustics bookshelf and center channel speakers in white, they look and sound very good.

Subwoofer can be any make and you can add it later. Since you have Yamaha, you can add wireless musiccast rear channels later.
are you planning to expand the 2.0 system to 5.1/7.2? if not, then you dont need an avr. Go with a integrated amp, like norge 1000 gold for 15k.

For speakers, you can look for bookshelves speaker, since towers will be hard to squeeze in remaining 15k
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