floorstanders below 20k

Please let me know any dealers for Mission speakers in Delhi........

Thanx in advance......:)
I would suggest you also chk out the bookshelves in this price range unless there is a specific reason to go only for a floor stander in this price range.
With the floor stander you may get a feeling of more bass but i guess you would be compromising on the tonality.
All the best.
I fully agree with Neo here.
At 20k, you should be looking at bookshelf speakers. Most floorstanders around this price point have boomy cabinets and budget quality multiple - drivers with compromised crossover circuits. I have owned diamond 8.4?s four years back. Not a good idea. Get a pair of quad or Epos bookshelf speakers.
try to demo the yamaha NS 8900 floorstanders,300w,6 ohms,bass reflex, i recently purchased them for 17.8k (with bill/warranty, MRP:19,600/-).....they sound great.....very nice and tight bass, solid built and are good for home theatre as well as stereo....
You've not mentioned what kind of music do you listen to??

It seems you are based in banglore. You should try the tannoy mercury series speakers esp the new the custom range.
Theres a Audio Dealer in Indiranagar, Bangaloe. Unfortunately I'm unable to Locate the Address. Can anyone help me with the Information.
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