FM transmitter

I want to play Internet radio on my HT... but my desktop is in my room and the AVR is in my living room and it is difficult to connect them both. So I thought I would use a FM transmitter to transmit audio to my AVR.
But if you go for Bluetooth transmitter then AVR must also support bluetooth isn't it and Does bluetooth have any signal problem if the Bluetooth transmitter and the receiver are in different rooms, I mean does it work if it has no clear line of sight ? .
Bluetooth transmiter dosn't require the line of sight to work but their are various parameter to each and each class of bluetooth device has a specific range to it. The Fm transmiter too won't provide a good quality of sound for you to listen. The best would be that you run a pair of analogue interconnectors from your Pc to your HT setup to enjoy the best possible quality,but that would add a lot of cost towards the good quality long run cable.
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