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Oct 5, 2008
Ever dream of buying the "ultimate" for audio system? I came across this in audiogon and if someone ever tries this, please do let me know if you are still around and not dead.

(P.S. Hope it is not Bill Gates or the Ambanis. Or, may be someone in coconut business???)

Artemis with European Schuko plug is finished and ready for delivery. Nearly 10 meters long. If you want it with US plug, it takes 3 months to build including burn-in and fine-tuning with ears.

Artemis is the best power cable in the world for source components. Retail price is $1.5 million USD, this price is not exaggerated because it's simply this good. My entry level cable ($60,000 White Night power 2m) is already better than the best from Nordost, Virtual Dynamics etc.



I have owned 6 Nordost Valhalla power cables ($18k), 4 Virtual Dynamics Genesis power cables ($60k), Virtual Dynamics Judge ($50k). And also dozens of ElectraGlide cables, approx. $200,000 in cables. They weren't good enough so I modified these cables to take them a step higher. But they were still not even close to the entry level Coconut-Audio cable. This is because of the crystal formula inside my cables, that beats all the old cable designs. For example, Nordost uses silver plating that only changes the flavor of sound, with no performance improvement. I went from Nordost to stock cable and got the same performance, but different flavor.

Coconut-Audio cables give true performance improvements in 3 dimensionality, microdetail and transparency, while sounding silky smooth, clear, deep and spacious. Both the bass and high frequencies improve, with greater realism in the midrange. Nothing is sacrificed. It becomes so real that you are inside the music, in another world. No other cables or components can do this, and I have used a lot of expensive gear in the past.

This piezoelectric crystal formula is very powerful and easy to hear. Without this crystal formula, the sound becomes blurry and flat. Some people can't hear a difference from tweaks, but from my cables they hear dramatic differences.

I have designed more than 30 power cables, each cable is a clear and obvious step up in performance. Eventually you reach the Artemis level at $1.5 Million, this is the best of the best. Introductory offer is only $25,000, it's so good that I want everyone to hear it. I cannot sell it for lower than $25,000. If you cannot afford it, win the Customer of the year award where the prize is a 30 years payment plan.


How it sounds

Artemis is the fastest power cable ever developed, but without being cold or empty, it's silky smooth!

Artemis is sharp like an arrow in the high frequencies, the bass is strong and textured, the midrange is open and airy with pinpoint accuracy, while being large and spacious. Even though it's so sharp and detailed, it sounds silky smooth and natural, while having high resolution that is full of information.

Artemis is both liquid smooth and textured from top to bottom. It combines the best qualites together while sounding clean, natural and realistic. It's the best cable ever designed for source components.

For perfect sound, use Artemis for all components, and Adria for the amplifier or power distributor. Preferably, all cables should be plugged directly into the wall outlet for the best sound.


I have no reviews of Artemis power cable yet, so I post the entry level cable reviews, with Artemis you will get 10 times greater sound than this.


White Night power 2m

Ok, I found out something interesting. And I thought I should post my first impression while I am waiting for the second White Night Power 2m cord from Patrick.

With Shunyata Research Venom 3 remain plugged to HTPC, the bass wasn't as large and pounding as I expected with the White Night Power 2m connected to my right Focal speaker. There was more activity going on in the mid to highs with more details revealed and they are very crisp.

I *removed* the Venom 3 power cord from HTPC. Put back my stock power cord to it.

Not only did I get my bass back but the bass was larger and sturdier, bigger pounding bass. Bass resolution has increased and more detailed. It is fast and tight when demand.

It has much bigger dynamics, from low to high frequency range. Even more so on the low end. The music sounds very crisp when demand.

The BIG difference I am noticing in addition to larger, pounding bass is the resolving detail in the background. They come in clearly, and very crisp and transparent. The music sounds very spacious. Rather than just wide, it's deeper, more 3-dimensional. The musical instruments being played sound farther apart, and very distinct. There is a huge contrast. The mid range is handled so well and very effortless.

All this with just one White Night Power 2m cord connected to my right speaker. Can't wait to receive the second cable for my left speaker.

Don't need a subwoofer, the bass is large, fast, and detailed. Better sound quality than having a separate sub..

It's like I'm surrounded by music. The 3-dimensionality is impressive. And no, I'm only running two channel speakers. This cable is definitely in a different league. Shunyata Research Venom 3 is a nice cord and provides sweet treble sound but that's about it. It runs out of steam fast in the lows while the White Night Power 2m takes care of both ends of the spectrum with added, articulated crisp details and thunderous bass.

cheez (USA)


White Night power 2m

Let's say I'm very impressed with the sound.


The bass is incredible. It is surrounding. It is wide. It can be gentle when the recording asks. It can be mean, meaning there is great thrust / impact in the bass when asked to. There is more weight.

It has very high resolution, details that in the low registers that I have not heard before I plugged this cable. Even on some songs that are bass-heavy the detail elements in the mid and upper registers pop out very, very clearly, and they show with crisp clarity. It sounds large, giving you wider soundstage.


Very accurate treble. It is sounding VERY crisp and crystal clear when asked to. There is strong detail, throughout the entire range of frequency. The BIGGEST thing I noticed is the music sounding spacious and so 3-dimensional. The sound in the musical elements in the foreground and background are so well separated. They are very distinct. Never sounded garbled up. Even the micro detail I can hear depth in them. This is crazy. It never sounded this good prior to this cable plugged to the speaker. I had Benchmark DAC-1 in the past but it was nowhere even remotely close to it in terms of space, depth / 3-dimensionality, bass impact, and high level of distinction of the musical elements. The high frequencies are handled effortlessly, there is no congestion and edginess. It is silky smooth.

Mid range is equally as good as the rest of the spectrum in the frequencies. Very clear and crisp. Very pleasant to ears. The cable isn't biased to either lows or highs like with most other cable manufacturers. It takes care of both ends of the spectrum in the lowest to highest frequencies. Truly reference quality performer.

All this with only one speaker plugged to White Night Power 2m cord as shown in video at the top of the page.

I have White Night Power 5M version coming in my way. This will plug directly from wall outlet to the left speaker (currently the White Night Power 2m is plugged to right speaker). I will post more pics and post my impression once I receive it.

goodolcheez (USA)


White Night power 5m

I thought I should post my impression about the sound since both White Night Power 2M and 5M cables are installed.

It took music to a new level. To put things in to short glossary terms, some songs sound mysterious. Some sound creepy. Some sound intriguing / explorative. Some songs sound happy. Each song showed its unique characters. With both cables plugged, the biggest benefit I am getting is the dynamic range. The distance between bass and treble is distant, miles apart. You can almost sense the distance and location of the bass and treble. Spaciousness is top notch, very 3-dimensional and distort-free. Not a slightest sign of edginess. The bass and treble is so far apart it's not even funny.

The 5M cable does have even deeper soundstage with more micro details. It sounds extremely deep, more so than the 2M cable. The width of the soundstage is about neck and neck. Treble is clean and as clear as it can get. The 2M cable holds its own, just slightly less depth in soundstage. All range of songs sound awesome. Vocals are clean and silky. The treble notes are extremely clear like you are standing inside the waterfall. It varies from song to song. I guess you could say, very accurate and realistic. I would rate treble department in the scale 0-10 10.

Bass is big and super tight. Very articulate pounding bass. There is plenty of impact / thrust. The bass sounds very "healthy", and completely opposite of muddiness or sponginess. I would rate bass 10.

Basically I have deeper soundstage with more details with both cables plugged. There are no cons.

cheez (USA)


HyperSpace power 4m

First impression

I just got your 4m powercord today. As I mentioned before, my system consists of an MBL 1611 and 1621 DAC/Transport, Shindo Monbrison Pre-amp, modified EAR 890 Amp and Von Schweikert VR4 gen iii HSE speakers. The other Hyperspace cord that I got last month is on loan to a friend, so the new one was the only Hyperspace cord in the whole system. The rest of the powercords and interconnects are currently Audience AU24 e's.

I hooked the cord up to my MBL dac and was stunned motionless.

I became paralyzed, sort of a dream paralysis perhaps, unable to move even after the CD ended. The sound was so expansive, there were no walls, every instrument and voice could be clearly followed while at the same time the entire blend of sound was unified into a single flow of music. Even at 90db + volume with a rock beat, the music was so relaxing that I was immediately placed into a trance, unaware of my body or the room around me, just pulled along by the music.

I know this sounds gushing and overstated, but what it comes down is that I cannot ****ing believe what this powercord does. It makes no rational sense that a single cord could transform the sound in this manner. It is a quantum leap past the limits of what I thought was possible; through the veil and over into another realm, another dimension, where music and sound are experienced more deeply, beyond ordinary perception.

In the last year, I have used Virtual Dynamic Genesis, ASI Livelines, and Audience AU24 e powercords in my system. Those are all excellent powercords. But there is literally no comparison: the Hyperspace cord exists in a different realm. The difference is not the slightest bit subtle. It takes no effort to hear what the Hyperspace does. In fact, it is not possible to ignore the effect, not possible to ignore the allure, charm, and breath of the music. It isn't a matter of "rediscovering my CD collection." It is a matter of hearing music for the first time. I don't know what I was listening to on my CD's before, but is was skeletal and barren compared to what is emerging and flowing into the room now. I cannot fathom what it will do to add more of your cords, but I am hooked. I feel I could be happy with just this one cord, but I feel compelled to explore deeper into this sort of space. I have been searching for this sort of experience from my stereo for the last 25 years.... who would have guessed that a powercord would be the missing link.

I am aware that my speakers are a relative weak point in my current system. Prior to coming across the Hyperspace cord, I had been itching to upgrade the speakers. While I know that I will probably eventually do so, I no longer feel any urgency. It is amazing what these speakers, which are 1/10th the the cost of the MBL source components, are able to do when given a pure and clear signal. And it is amazing what this powercord can contribute to the performance of DAC that retails for more than $25k.

Kt Biehl (USA)

Second impression

I have bought so many powercords and interconnects based on "critical audition" where I had to listen very carefully to hear what it was doing. Prior to this, every system upgrade, including major component upgrades, have been slight to moderate changes along a continuum. This is a quantum jump of a different sort. Instead of trudging along a continuum of gradual improvements in resolution and musicality, the effect of the Hyperspace is exactly as the name implies - it transports the experience of sound to another realm, a place that is not bound by the limits of three or even four dimensions. I do not know how to describe it more clearly as I have no prior experience to compare it to.

For example, as much as I love my Shindo Monbrison Pre-amp, the effect of the hyperspace hands down trumps the benefit of the Shindo. If I had to choose, I would trade my Monbrison for a Hyperspace cord without a moments hesitation. The same goes for my MBL DAC and transport. The Hyperspace is not only "that good", it is beyond comparison.

The effect of the hyperspace is immediate - it literally grabs you by the balls and hold you still until the music is over. Actually, even beyond the end of the music as I find myself continuing in an altered state of mind/body for a while afterwards. I don't know yet how long the effect lasts as my girlfriend, who had been calling me for dinner for the over an hour, had to come grab my arm and pull me out of the chair.

No one is going to believe any of this unless they take the leap and try it. It is unlike any other upgrade I have ever done -- (I can't wait to take it over to my friend's house and hook it up to his system Berning Qaudature Z amps, Lomichay Kandinsky Speakers ($75k speakers))

Kt Biehl (USA)



Shipping is included in the price. Artemis will be shipped with EMS International Express.

Note: I will be away between 11-18 May so I cannot ship during this time.

Read more at Coconut-Audio Artemis power 10m MASTERPIECE 98% discount! Euro plug immediate delivery! | AC Cables | AudiogoN - The High-end Audio Community
Wow this must appeal to people with a certain mindset....I am referring to a $1.5m cable being sold for ONLY $25,000. Fantastic discount !!! What a deal !! haha.....
does one need speakers, amp and a source also with this cable or is it all in one ?
does one need speakers, amp and a source also with this cable or is it all in one ?

That is a tough question to answer but here are the reactions of some other forum members where I found this:

"If you charge your electric car with one of these, it may go further..."
"Yes, I am buying one to hook up to my particle accelerator."
"You should jump on it to avoid the rush."

Having read one of the reviewers in my first post, I wonder whether this is the one used in some of our swamy ashrams. To repeat that reviewer,

I became paralyzed, sort of a dream paralysis perhaps, unable to move even after the CD ended. The sound was so expansive, there were no walls, every instrument and voice could be clearly followed while at the same time the entire blend of sound was unified into a single flow of music. Even at 90db + volume with a rock beat, the music was so relaxing that I was immediately placed into a trance, unaware of my body or the room around me, just pulled along by the music.

By the way, has anyone tried those speakers advertised as "Linn" made by a guy in New York with real granite??? I thought that was the weirdest thing I had seen so far in my audio life but this certainly beats that.

By the way, has anyone tried those speakers advertised as "Linn" made by a guy in New York with real granite???

I assume you mean the speaker boxes :lol:. At least I can see some sense to that. Maybe. But, not knowing how much they cost, I am still wondering at what fraction of the price they could be made up by one of the granite/stone guys that makes the stuff we see in many kitchens. Maybe they have to be cut from a solid block? Doubtless there are glues available that are just as strong as granite.
does one need speakers, amp and a source also with this cable or is it all in one ?
Cheap rubbish speakers... cheap amp... all will be transformed into the most glorious sound by these cables. Maybe it's not such a bad deal!
Looks wonderful ... and nothing like the sort of thing where the designer thinks that the speaker should look as if it is designed by Dali to justify a massive price tag. This I can take seriously: million-dollar cables, err... no.

This is curious photo from their gallery. Could such huge speakers work in such a constrained space?
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By the way, has anyone tried those speakers advertised as "Linn" made by a guy in New York with real granite??? I thought that was the weirdest thing I had seen so far in my audio life but this certainly beats that.


Didn't the Andra line from Eggleston have granite sides? Or perhaps it was some other stone....anyway, those were truly wonderful speakers with VERY stable and substantial weight to the imaging.
Despite my eyes watering from laughing so hard, I didn't miss this - "Shipping is free" What a deal!!
Despite my eyes watering from laughing so hard, I didn't miss this - "Shipping is free" What a deal!!

Here is another one from audiogon which I have been keeping for a long time and still look at whenever I need to get out of depression.
Remember, the same guy sells a Behringer amp for $3,500 - the same piece you can buy directly from Behringer for $300.

If you are a smart Photosmart guy and expert in cut-and-paste, or own a granite quarry, I think you can also start an audio store selling exotic equipment for multithousand bucks. Of course, make free shipping to attract customers! Also, remind them that the shipping crates can be used to accommodate guests for sleeping.

And, don't forget to offer free crane services to hoist those 600 lb speakers into a standing position. The only mistake he made in the advertisement is that he terms them as "lifetime" speakers which should have been "multigeneration" items so that your grandchildren and great great ones will always try to figure out what they inherited from an old grandpa and will always be grateful.

The greatest advantage of these granite speakers is that you won't ever face a problem from your better half. She will be more than happy to receive them and will be happy that they can be used as cooking tops.

P.S. What is life without a sense of humour?


Linn Audio Reference Granite Speakers

Linn Audio of New Hampshire-Reference Granite Speakers-Original prototypes-ONE OF A KIND!

There were only two of this style prototypes made and the other pair was Black. Emphasis was put into the Electronics and the cabinet design and not so much into the finish. So they are not showroom quality but a lot of work has gone into removing most imperfections in the veneer and have been freshly stained and oiled.

Professional re-veneering could be done I believe for under $3000. If placed behind a wall or a curtain in a custom home theater there would be no need for this. I would be willing to secure quotes for a local buyer as I have contacts in this field.

A Must Have for Any Home Theater

Simply Stunning with Exceptional Sound
More Pics Available Upon Request
These are speakers for a lifetime!

Linn Audio Reference Granite "Mega Speakers"

2 years old with extremely low hours. Not even broke in yet. The same drivers and sonic purity as the later $60,000 production model. A 7 out of 10 not because of damage or abuse, but because of imperfections in the veneering process and not as refined of a finish on the trim work. Initial priority was given to the quality of the drivers and the cabinet design. These imperfections in the veneer left them off the showroom floor, but were used as demos from an authorized dealer. Over 25 hours of restoration have gone into the gorgeous flat-cut African Mahogany cabinets. They are as impressive to look at, as they are to listen to.

Kings of Sound---They will make you say, "WOW!" when listening to music and your head will swivel in your home theater. Tall (all 6 feet and 8 inches)and heavy (600lbs ea.), the asymmetrical hexagon cabinet design has extensive internal cross bracing and the walls range from 1-4 inches thick to handle the 1000 watt maximum output.

Bi-wire/Bi-amp capability

A very high (97db) efficiency design allows them to be used with lower power and tube amps.

The twin front ported cabinet has DUAL 15" woofers, 4" ribbon wound voice coil and 20lb magnets going down to 18 Hz. 4 magnetic grills cover the low bass drivers.

Solid cast aluminum horn with a 1" throat and neodymium magnet.

Dual 2 " ribbon tweeters with heavy neodymium magnets going up to 40,000 KHz.

Comes with original shipping crates.

More pictures are available.

For history and more technical details you may go to the Linn Audio of New Hampshire website.

Demos by appointment.

Please feel free to contact me by phone if you have any questions and require more information on these unbelievable speakers 7-six- three-two-2-6-4-five-six-7
Read more at Linn Audio Of Nh Reference Granite complete the system | Full range | AudiogoN - The High-end Audio Community
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