I have a pair of KRK RP 5 G2 and they are great for music. I have heard Genelic and its pretty good for music, but don't know about their pricing.

My KRKs are about Rs.22K.
i want to buy pair of genelec 8020 active speakers & 7050 subwoofer.
For my music system setup at home
any idea on this choice ?

Genelec Oy - Welcome

I'm hoping you'd try listening to it at the dealer extensively before buying just to make sure you like the sound. As good as they are for monitoring, they just didn't do it for me for music listening...
I was at their Mahim showroom in Bombay earlier this week to listen to the latest Genelec active DSP system. I was so impressed by its performance that I have been talking about it to all my audiophile friends and urging them to check them out. I listened to the 8020 + 7050 system too and loved their sound. I learnt that the 8000 series cabinet shape and waveguide on the tweeter are responsible for a significant reduction in diffraction making them sound so much cleaner than most other active speakers. Ofcourse there is also the advantage of superb active electronics that provide a huge boost in performance and these Genelec's will outperform most passive systems costing many times their price. Here are some unit retail prices I found on Google
Genelec 6010, 8020, 8030 retail unit price EUR 208/-, 319/-, 484/- respectively
Genelec DSP 8240, 8250 retail unit price EUR 1116/- 1623/- respectively
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Hey, I was there too! The resolution of the reproduction from those Genelec active speakers is indeed very detailed. I have started searching for a good Blu-Ray player with inbuilt dolby & dts decoded multichannel analog outputs for a 6010+5040 system with 6020 for front L&R. I also plan to try out some high quality tube preamplifiers inserted in the front L&R stereo signal path.
I just saw your thread 'Multi-region Blu-Ray disc player with dolby & dts decoder'. Unfortunately I dont know much about current Blu-Ray models. Perhaps the guys on the forum will be able to help you. But sometime ago, I did get a list of preamplifiers from a friend that may be useful to you. Dont know if these links are still valid, but attached is the list.
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