Good quality Interconnects

Sep 9, 2009
Hello all,
I am looking for good quality audio interconnects to buy in India. If somebody do custom make, then will go for that. Good quality VFM cables , analogue as well as digital.
Let me know what are the best sources @ bangalore and other places.
If you are planning for DIY, you can get good quality connectors in Bangalore and for Belden cables, PM me.
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HI Gobble
What exactly are you pointing towards when you say a quick IC
Is it something do with dynamics?
i have profigold. It is sluggish cable no speed. Avoid.

When you hear a cable that is quick then you will know.


Fair, accepted please give me an example of a 'quick' cable. Cable is a medium of accurate signal transfer so should put out what is fed in. I hear lots of folks mention similar and am hence asking u to bell the cat.

Anand look at a cable that gives u 'correct tone' of instruments. That is most important. Good quality Rca, good screening etc etc will ensure longetivity.

Whats ur set up? Whats the tonal character? Cables are system specific.
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Speed of the cable? how to measure or "feel" it?

The easiest way to check is to sit in a fast car and drive with it. Does it fall behind or stay in your lap? :D

Just kidding. This is one thing I discovered only when I heard a quicker cable. Forget the word "speed" and use the term "quick" instead. Its hard to explain without listening A/B. I use solid silver made by Mr. Murthy and am happy with it and prefer that between CDP AMP over a Calrad or Viren's IC - which sounds better than the Calrad between pre<>AMP with slightly more focused imaging. But the difference between these two is only slight and not worth spending more if you are on a budget with no money to spare just for fun.
But when you are in an uncompromising mood and have not spent already on ICs then you could check it out.

Since we are on ICs again i must add that i was given two Accuphase ICs to try in my set up by the Distributor.
Superb construction and does the job. Chose the balanced one and was wondering if I should buy 'one more IC' when i was told they are a gift so I gladly accepted. Now using the single ended with my tape deck & the balanced with the CDP.
Speed of the cable is something i hear very often. Kimber, transparent are supposed to be the ones with it whereas something like a VDH is supposed to lack it.
One short answer : Hear the ORCHID IC in most set ups!!!!! Fantastic
Hear the SECOND for 'tone' & 'body' - Fantastic
I would take these over my transparent M link super (high speed :D) in my set up anyday.
More info like cost per metre, choice of connectors etc will be appreciated. I am assuming this is Mr.Murthy from Tools-N-Trades@Bangalore.

The 1.5 ft cable cost me 3.6K. The connectors are lovely brushed aluminum heavy duty lockable types. Since you are in Bangalore I can lend you my profigold fo a few weeks. Mr. Murthy will hopefully give you a silver IC lying around for demo. You can do A/B and hear for yourself what is quick.

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I have been using Lyrita's IC's & Spkr cables for a couple of years now & find them just fine.
I had compared them with some offerings from KK,Audioquest & one other,forget the name,costing around 80 to 90 USD & found them better & much more VFM.Abs no sense of muddiness or lag.
use belden 1694a interconnectt cable and get some nice rca plugs and you have a VFM interconnect
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