Got 2 mil to burn?

This is where things start getting silly. There are so many better ways to spend $2 million. And beyond a price/performance certain point, it's much less about the sound and more about status symbols. I'm sure something at less than half the price would sound equally good (may not be as loud)...and still have enough left over to buy a small house and car.
Anyone read last fortnight's Forbes?

An undisciosed billionere asked eagles to perform just one song in his party - Hotel california! He paid them whoooooppping 6 million $ .. ( as the performance was shorter than 6 minuts i guess) Eagles earned more than 1 Mil U$ Per minute!!! ( What about transportation ,must be charter flight etc must be borne by host!)

Now that is what I call music fanetic!!!!:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
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