got my denon 2310.....


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Aug 30, 2009
hello friends today i got my brand new denon 2310 hurray please suggeat me which hdmi cable should i buy....
Hey Devkaran ....congrats on your purchase. I have been considering 1910 for some time. I will look forward to a detailed review from you.

No expert on HDMI cable, but I would say consider QED. Though I am using DAC in my set up.
Cograts, the panasonic brand shops have a brnaded HDMI cable (a bit expensive though).

Sorry to disagree with you Kumar, but I have found Panasonic cables to be wanting in quality very severely. I have tried quite a few cables from Panasonic, and had to throw them all away. In one cable I was using to play my iPod in my car, I was getting only one channel !! When I switched to a Badridge in desperation, things were back to normal.

I would suggest HDMI cables from DAC, Eagle, or Bandridge. Of course there are a number of other brands available and can be had if your budget meets their price.

Audioquest has some good hdmi cables but in range of 2.5k and above.

Same dealers who are carrying the Denon are dealers for audioquest.

IF u need a temporary quick solution a DAC hdmi will also do.. i think around 700Rs or less.
i will certainly post pics... n detailed reveiw.
I have seen hdmi in my local market. 1 hdmi i was impressed with is chinese stull good looking gold platted just for 350rs. i have got 1..
now i am deciding for source budget is 5k which dvd u plp recommend
Get any HDMI cable. Up to a certain length, there's no difference between "OMFGWTFBBQ gold-plated yeah!" cables and a Rs. 200 MX cable.
hey.........from which dealer did u get ur set and for what price???........cause i'm also planing to get the same........i had a demo of it today in PRO FX, barton center, bangalore......he was charging 62,000, and after discount he was ready to give at 55,400......and also told that it will be available for 50K during the AV exhibition in Dec. this year

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