HDMI cable 15ft length


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Nov 29, 2008
Hi! is there any picture quality issue by using HDMI cable of 15ft length?

I was told that, if it's more than 10ft there would be signal loss & one has to use some extender(I'm not sure of the word). Any one using 15ft or more w/o any issue? Also what's the decent cable brand you can recommend. Any exp with brand Dayio? Also, is component better for long runs & pic quality?. Component is analog signal where as HDMI is digital.

Hello Suu,
I use a HDMI cable of 10 m length. I bought it for Rs5500 in Calcutta. Don't know what brand it is but it is gold plated at the ends.It works very well in my setup. You can use this information as a rough price guidence.
If you have HDMI port on both your source and display then its better to use that than component, but component cable would be cheaper then the HDMI counterpart here. I am running a setup where I am using 15 meters HDMI cable from the QED which costed me 15K and there is no drop in signal or quality as such. Whereas with my earlier experience when I used non branded cables of the same lenght (most probably chinese make) then I wasn't able to get 1080P signal from my Projector and maximum resolution the cable supported was till 1080i. Then there is an another example wherein I ordered an HDMI cable from eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices which is US based, same a 15 M length but it costed me around 5k including shipping to India, to my surprise when I checked this non branded cable in my setup it went uptil 1080P without any problems, but by now I had already bought the QED due to the impatience.
I hope the above facts helps you in making a informed decision.

Re: HDMI cable 15mtr length

First I apologeies, the length is 15mtr & not 15ft as I started.

Hi Mahi> up to 10ft length, there shouldn't be any issue. We need to cautious on lenghts like 15mtr +

Hi Ashish> do you 've both the cables now? or disposed one? I'm looking for a 15mtr length.

How about using shortest HDMI (if you keep the player near the projector) & run optical/digital coax of 15mts to connect to receiver?
With Branded cables it doesn't matter and the quality doesn't drop uptil 15 meters. There is no point in keeping the player near the projector and then running a long optical cable to the AVR as then the sound quality will get affected.
As about that unbranded cable ..... I gave it to a dealer of hi end audio in delhi while upgrading my setup and he deducted 5K from the money I owed him, but last time when I went to his place I saw the cable still lying with him, so if you are lucky then you would be able to get it from him.
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