HDMI vs coax vs optical for digital audio


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Apr 24, 2009
hello friends. I Recently had a chance to listen to a nice system. Source was PC With intel multimedia motherboard. AVR Was denon1908 & speakers were JAMO Floor stand ( cant remember the model but it has 2 mids and 1 tweet costing about 18 k). Was a nice experience. I listened to most of the tracks twice. Initially through optical cable & then through HDMI. There was a big difference especially in the bass dept. HDMI Had a much richer bass. Felt like i was listening to a totally different pair of speakers. Now which component was responsible for this change?was is the motherboard capability / cable/avr? Obviously it was not the speakers. I have read somewhere that optical & coax are equally good but dont know about HDMI. At my place i use coax as my DVD player doesnt have optical out and my yamaha rxv 361 avr does not have hdmi handling capability. With coax i am getting good sound Q . I am using open baffle diy speakers & getting good bass with that. Bass kept at +4 dB & treble at 0 dB.So which out of the three connections is the best for audio?
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sorry for bumping 4 year old thread. But i have similar doubt. My sony bdp s380 is conected to my 5.1 logitech z906 speakers via coaxical. My laptop is connected to same through optical. I feel better bass from laptop with Optical cable. Is coaxical cable playing a role in this scenario??
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