Head Direct Tube Amp + DAC [ USB ]


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Dec 25, 2009
Chandigarh [ UT ,India ]
Guys ,
Today I Received My First Hifiman Head direct Tube Amp That Can Take a RCA Source "Might Be You Guys Call It Something Else " And It Also Has The USB DAC .The Photo Of The Unit Is Here On My Repair Table


The Product Has Two Tubes In The Unit ,the Inside Of The unit Was Looking Great Its Great Component Layout And Placement Of Components .As a Electronic Buff i Can Tell You That the Soldering And All Was A Class .Here Have a Look


The Front Has a On Off Toggle Switch that Is On When Its On the Top side :yahoo: .The Unit Is Run By a Large 16 Volts AC Adapter ,I Had To Use a Square Pin To Round Pin Mx connector .the Front Also Has a Large Sized Stereo Female Socket For The Output ,I Had To Use a Converter To Run My Soundmagic IEMS [ Pl11 ,Pl30 And The Pl50 ] .The Front also Has a Volume Control Knob That Is Awesome To Use .The Back Has the USB DAC Connection and The Normal RCA Inputs ,the Source At the Back Is Selected Via a On And Off Switch At The Back .Here Have A Look At Some Photos .


Note :
I Have Not Been Able Test The USB DAC Cos All The systems Have Windows XP And In Two Machines When I Connect the USB DAc i Get a Message "Burr Brown PCM 2072 " Drivers Required ,According To My Googling It Says they Are Installed Auto But In My Case i Need to Run It On a vista System Or Some Other system ,Too Bad Today :eek:hyeah:
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Windows XP recognises the PCM2702 and installs it as "USB speakers", as does every operating system after it. There is no control panel or system tray applet like other soundcard drivers, so it seems invisible.

You will have to plug the DAC in, leave it for a few minutes, it will appear under the list of installed sound devices in Device Manager. There should a device saying "USB speakers".

If it does not install correctly, it will show up with a yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager. It is best to try another USB port, but once the driver is installed you can pretty much plug it in into any other port.

Normally the driver sets itself to default output device, but if it is not doing that, then go to Control Panel and manually change the sound default device to "USB speakers". The volume control needs to be set at maximum. At default output level (half) the sound volume is too low as it is a logarithmic control, not linear like most other drivers.

Edit: you need the driver.cab file in your windows system directory for auto-install to work correctly.

Sir ,
I am Now Sending The EF2A For Reviewing To My Friend ,Once I Recieve It Back I would Love to Send It for Reviews to Other Senior People Here .For Sure i Need To Have My 2 Machines At Home My Desktop and Laptop Formatted .:eek:hyeah:
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