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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


New Member
Mar 31, 2016
Hello everyone! I'm new here, and fairly new to the audiophile world. The question I have today is what pair of headphones should I buy?

I currently have a pair of HD598SE and ATH-A500X. those are also the only professional grade headphones I have ever tried. I think they are great, but I also know that from lack of experience I could be missing ALOT. the music genre I listen to is mostly post-hard core(don't look up the definition, post hard core to me at least is screemo, heavy instruments, and absolutely beautiful singing working as the corus) examples- Secrets, heartist, falling in reverse, myka relocate, etc. Im the kind of nerd that gets goosebumps when I hear a beautiful voice right on pitch or oscillate perfectly. A decent pair of headphones with perfectly crisp mids(I think ) would bring this out best. Also, I listen to bands that are very gentle, for example, never shout never, Chester see, artists like that. I need a pair of headphones that are portable and do not leak music too bad. However, I am willing to compromise these things for sound quality. Price is a bit tricky. I could come up with around 600 fairly easily, however I'm 17 and still need a damn car. Soo, a price tag a bit less would also be great