hello all. i enjoy good music


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Sep 8, 2006
i am too young in heart and music makes me come alive.
now only consumerism is awakening in our country. we are yet to have
our country covered with FM stations. the First FM station was started in Chennai i suppose.

during my younger days ( 1962-68) radio ceylon was so popular. especially
their english channel was so good, covering entire asia.

next was VOA station that was broadcasting from ceylon, with thundering
power audio. the music was so catchy.:cool:

after 10pm i used to listen to Bombay All India Radio listeners choice, used to be very weak signal, but still very good.

when compared to those days, we have really advanced so much.

cosmic electronics was premium product in those days. i dont know now if they are in the market.

ok folks. hope to enjoy your (youngsters with lots of knowledge, desire, money) experiences. I believe lots to learn from you all. admit me.
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