hello everybody!


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Oct 1, 2007
New Delhi
My first post here, and a big HELLO to all audiophiles on this forum - may the tribe increase!

I chanced upon this forum during a google search, read a few posts and decided i had to be here. Currently in the process of trying out new stuff; I've had my Musical Fidelity CDP/Amp with Acoustic Energy speakers for 9 years now. They still sound good (though the driver foam has holes) , but I can do with better detail, imaging and a wider soundstage. Some Totem speakers are on the way, and a Classe amp is already in place.

Welcome to this forum!

For newbies to the mid-fi audio scape,(people like me) this site is definitely worth a dekko.
For the past three months i have been on this forum, i have a seen a
steady increase in the member count.

More the merrier. Wider ideas..better info!

We do have a lot of knowledgeable and professional audiophiles here, So you( and we all) are on the right track!

Hello Colecutter,

Welcome to HiFiVision.com!

Interesting setup you have... Classe amp and Totem speakers??

Looking forward to reading your review.

Keep us informed.
Thanks for the welcome - Moderator and Realactivex. Shall keep you updated on how the new system sounds - the Totems are expected later this week.

In my anticipatory excitement for the Totems, I completely forgot to mention that the Classe amp is currently driving Quad 22L floorstanders. However, I'm thinking of selling them because I feel the need for tighter bass, and perhaps they need more room, can't figure out which. I'd bought a pair of Quad 11L bookshelves a few months ago, and I totally love the way they sound and look. The rosewood lacquer is stunning.

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